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What natural stones will be suitable for a corridor and the hall?

the Subject of today`s conversation will be stones for the Hall and the Corridor. If you have new questions - send them surely!

Asked me such question:

- Anna, hello! Huge to you thanks for useful and interesting knowledge - including, and about stones. I very much love stones and I want to decorate a corridor with a curtain from beads and natural stones. Prompt what stones it is better to use for such curtain - it will separate the hall conducting to other rooms from an entrance door.

I Thank for a question and for warm words. Your idea in itself good - such curtain has to turn out unusual and beautiful (especially if lighting which will force stones to shine is picked up). Will clean However, it not simply, and stones, especially in a hall, will need it from time to time - the hall is the peculiar filter protecting internally house space from influences of the outside world. Probably, it will be necessary to wash periodically this curtain or to take out at least on the sun. I think that also ways of clarification by aromas or a smoke will approach.

Still I am a little confused that an invention this not cheapest - if to use really natural stones, then it is necessary to unknit not one ten beads though such curtain, of course, will make indelible impression (very much I hope that you will send me several its photos - I want to admire)). Perhaps, it is worth making it with tapes or beads: less beads is required and the curtain will turn out easier (natural stones heavy).

perfectly will be suitable For your product Transparent Quartz. Except it, for any corridors and passes - and yours including - it is good to use Tsitrin and Amethyst. Add a little Aventurine: he promotes improvement of mood, opens opportunities and teaches that an exit is from any situation - in other words, this stone gives hope, and adjusts people on an easy, carefree harmony.

Successful creativity!

If - you lack a curtain for production of such curtain assiduity and patience (as, for example to me)), then just put the listed stones in some beautiful vase in a corridor - the effect will be the same!