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Life on a terrace in the Hollywood Terrace style

always reckoned with its privacy, beautiful views and an opportunity to spend time in the fresh air as a sign of the magnificent life available only to wealthy people or owners of ancient family estates. How many times we sighed when viewing the Hollywood movies about smart life, looking as the heroine languidly sunbathes on a terrace, having stretched in a chaise lounge, or has supper at sunset with the elect. Beautiful life seemed such far …

However times change and now the terrace is available to everyone - for a long time it is possible to acquire housing not only in a concrete box with a standard balcony in two square meters. The modern market offers townhouses, specific apartments, studios with an exit to a roof. And, of course, country housing - apartments or townhouses in the next suburb. Here the terrace is most pertinent - from it the look not on the neighboring houses, and on neighboring fields and hills will open. And the main thing that now such options exist also in average price category, to available any buyer. One of examples - low housing estate “The Alpine village“. It is located in only five kilometers from ring road, in the village of Mistolovo. Nearby IKEA, MEGA, Auchan, and to the subway of only 15 minutes. However in close proximity to a civilization there is an opportunity to lonely admire fields and picturesque hills on which the complex is located.

But a terrace - not only for fans of contemplation of the nature. It is an occasion to change the style and a way of life, to improve its quality. Except expansion of living space of the apartment or a townhouse it is a smart opportunity to spend more time in the fresh air - now it is not necessary to gather for walk, to wrap up children, to make toilet. Thanks to arrangement height you are hidden from public eyes, on a terrace foreign person without your permission will not get.

And also terrace gives the chance to embody the dreams and design ambitions - it is one more space which needs to be equipped and made out and to do it according to the taste and requirements.

Therefore a terrace can become as the place for collecting all family and childish sports, and the platform for dances and naughty parties or romantic dinners. Just pick up suitable furniture and style. However whatever choice was made, surely consider the general rules of registration - the design of a terrace has to be in harmony or have something in common with an interior of all house. And the furniture has to be special - moisture-proof, quick-drying, not burning out under direct sunshine - otherwise the terrace will quickly take the started and not well-groomed form. It is possible to acquire such furniture and in IKEA, in OBI and in many other shops.

Is popular rattan furniture - it is practical, very effective, and is suitable for various styles. She will fit also into an interior of a balineziysky exotic country house, and into prudisher, but not less interesting colonial. And on a terrace in style of a country chairs easy for the pleetena and little tables will not look alien. Add furniture with the corresponding textiles and a decor - exotic masks, plants in tubs, figurines for exotic styles. Or bright plaids in style a patchwork for style of a country. And can you want to recreate the bar beach? Then arrange the canopy imitating palm leaves, use a surf for a decor or even a bar table-top. And for fans of more modern styles there are furniture options from plastic and metal. Issue a terrace in laconic style find fault - flew or the bright disco - style for parties. Or resort to a fusion popular nowadays - mixture of styles, originality, game will allow you to express in the flowers completely themselves and to emphasize the identity.

And if parties not in your style - just put convenient chaise lounges, a sunshade and issue a corner for childish sports - and you spend happy family hours and days on your terrace, enjoying the sun, air. Create, live, and be happy!