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Whether smokers have rights?

to Imagine person more deprived of civil rights, than the smoker, it is almost impossible.

In a general sense the rights are at all: at men - on the road of evolution they obtained them even more, than their hairy ancestors with cudgels atilt; women have rights - having nearly taken away from the stronger sex need for work and social equality, now the majority of them them and is weighed.

The rights are at pets: the great variety of funds of rescue of dumb animals who blame is for this purpose thought up and created and punish those who deprive of them the right for life and care.

Sometimes it seems to me that this can which rolls under legs which has the right to be or thrown out in a ballot box, or to go for utilization has rights even and to become part of the big world in some other, more ecological form.

Only the smoking people have no rights.

Only do not think that the author of article will zealously stand up for smoking now and to involve to it the reading commentators of the website. Even in spite of the fact that several years are in captivity of nicotinic passions.

On the contrary, it would give a lot of things that in forces of his will power there was this own “veto“, small and insignificant for most of non-smoking people, on smoking. It that he told himself: “I do not smoke any more!“ - and right there threw.

But is impossible

Society, of course, cares for it, for the author, and same as it. Made hundreds of thousands of lawful ways to become again “the normal person“ in whom there is no wish to spit and call it (or is more often than it) “ashtray“ or “garbage can“.

Society is favorable: it made tablets which cost obviously exceeds several packs of cigarettes - in order that the person the smoker spent on drink them, exhaled and, happy, ran to build the bright healthy future. Without the fact that from these tablets the smoker has several side effects from all improper places at once.

It is a payment for nonsense and tomfoolery and if you do not want a tablet - take plasters: too expensively and “not really“ helps.

As a last resort - and the most expensive - visit of the psychologist, narcologist and even a trip on the fifth tram to places with yellow walls where will show you how it is correct to live and think.

The most important that the person the smoker got up from knees and again turned into “normal“: from which does not smell of tobacco which does not irritate an eye, does not provoke non-smoking to dragging on yes and to stick in the heat of nicotinic passions. We you will cure



how it is easy to leave off smoking, wrote tens (if not hundreds) books, movies are shot, trainings and seminars are written. And all of them at least partially, at least on a half-step and it is even absolutely superficial, but anyway blame smokers and even show the to them hostility.

Such that you look in the face to these moralists and you understand: if it was possible to execute for smoking under the law, you would definitely have already no head. And any to you plasters and psychologists - to act rashly up to the heels! Yes at least on the desert island - or a can throw directly in a nape. At once will feel better.

In order that the smoker felt even more restrained, he is driven into hundreds of traps, thinking that if not to give it the chance to smoke, then he as - nibud will have done with the youthful follies and will calm down. Will throw and “thanks“ will tell you.

Therefore such as to the author, forbade to smoke vobshchestvenny places, were declared then them by almost all places in the city, the country and the world (except a toilet and the refrigerator), raised tariffs for tobacco products, carried out a set of actions of fight against smoking and even deprived of them an opportunity to pitch harmful cigarettes in buildings of the airports or cafe (even in cabins specially allotted for this purpose).

Actually these people just in the same way laundered money as during this period when they with curiosity of the laboratory assistant sitting at a cage with a rabbit stretched to yet not smoking people a cigarette with words: “Smoke, it was So done cool! by the cowboy of “Malboro“, Bruce Willis and hundreds of beautiful French women in graceful French movies“.

The antismoking companies, alas, do not work with all their instruments of fight against the smoking people. Because it is impossible so just to reprogram the third part of the population of Earth which sat down on cigarettes at least on a healthy lifestyle. At least, not bans. She will not listen.

The mechanic of the fifth category sipping cheap “Flight“ will also send where far away. After the prices of tobacco flew up to heaven, it began to buy cigarettes without filter, and even to smoke a self-garden. But did not cease in principle, and approach it with the promotion to ZOZh, so he also mount from above will apply you. whether

Those methods?

It the same how to accuse the diseased that it is sick, to hang up on walls of hospital posters with healthy and beautiful people and to force patients to stare at them for three hours a day instead of tablets - perhaps, will break through. Or being a doctor and having learned on reception that the person caught flu only because went without scarf, to turn him out: the fool.

I and wants to be told: can be, just influence methods not those? It the same as to force you not to eat only because from it obesity comes. Or to live not for 10 thousand rubles a month, and on 3.

No, the rights at smokers are not present any. Also it is not necessary to explain to them what to smoke harmfully, drawing on packs these scary pictures with the disfigured lungs - we smokers, but not mentally ill people, and we understand everything. Simply we do not throw at least because at such moments we feel: “care“ of ours health is just a whim.

Let`s call things by their proper names. To build stadiums, to make available sport and gyms, not to sell from - under floors 16 - to summer guys of a sigarette and not to treat beautiful girls at restaurants with them - it is much more difficult, than just secretly and deeply in soul to hate those who smoke. It is simply impossible.