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What riddles are concealed by the ancient city of Pyotr?

the Ancient capital of the nabateysky state are considered one of modern seven wonders of the world. It is important not to confuse, of course, classical wonders of the world from which only pyramid of Cheops on a plateau Giza and miracles which choice was organized in 2007 by the organization under the name New Open World Corporation is available now. Ancient Petra treats just the last. Its participation in the list defined vote in which inhabitants of the whole world participated.

However if the fact of replacement habitual to the majority of us since the childhood of wonders of the world on new by means of vote by SMS causes in you, rather, scepticism, than delight, then we will address other authoritative opinion - since 1985 Petra is in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.

This city is built on canons of the most progressive at the time of its building of architecture and engineering. But is small “but“ which the unsophisticated look and will notice not at once - nabate did not possess any own architectural style. But they were excellent travelers. And as souvenirs quite often brought the style decisions used in different points of Oykumena.

In Pyotr it is possible to meet at the same time existing elements of antique architecture of Greece and Rome and motives which came from ancient India and China.

And here technical solutions nabateev still cause delight and easy bewilderment - how residents of this ancient state managed to reach so perfect processing of a stone, for example?

A collecting and storage of water with which Petra`s inhabitants successfully coped in spite of the fact that the city is in one of the most droughty locations on our planet?

Treasury. Of course, the place for storage of treasures will be one of significant buildings of the city living due to trade (and Petra was on crossing of many trade ways). Whether they were stored really in the chest crowning the temple Ale - Hazne, or were hidden in less crowded place, it is already impossible to understand - by the time of detection of the city of treasures here officially did not find. However, history of this temple is still up to the end unclear. Someone considers that initially it was devoted to the Egyptian goddess Isida, someone - that it completely corresponds to Aphrodite`s temple which description was found in rolls of the Dead Sea. Though cases of “rededication“ of temples are rather frequent, and it is possible, in this dispute all its participants are right.

The main part of this mysterious city in rocks is not open to this day - archeologists and historians should reveal many its secrets. For example, the houses of the dead which are cut down in rocks - niches in which with different degree of splendor of a nabatea buried the dead persons could become also part of the serious culturological research devoted to a civilization which traces we so brightly see in Pyotr, but little we know about it, and a subject for the adventure movie. Everything depends on that whose eyes to look at this amazing world.

By the way, - you learn a landscape about adventure movies? Exactly here removed one of epic series about tireless Indiana Jones during that time when no technology hromaky existed yet.

Persons interested to profit Petra`s riches were expected by a way, almost impassable for the enemy, in rocks - high and impassable to the North and the South from the city and forming breaks to the West and the East from it.

Similar isolation provided also that buried by an earthquake and forgotten then for the millennia was gone in desert sand of Pyotr from all cards. Found it only in 1812, and serious excavation began to carry out in the second half of the XX century.

Pink rocks of Petra are full not only riddles, but also sellers - here also banks with drawings from sand, and a hat for riding, and a session of riding (according to sellers of service, the legs any living person will not reach Petra), and even will offer you “ancient“ artifacts here “from that Petra“. It is possible to bargain such artifact dollars for five - ten.

We will send acquaintance to Petra to our own treasury of impressions of Jordan and we will go further - new opening, landscapes and impressions absolutely nearby.