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Terrorists continue attempts to catch nuclear materials. And to use from in Kazan 2015

of Baku, on June 2, SalamNews. A. Gasanov. Terrorists continue to make attempts to get access to nuclear materials, the director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov declared on Wednesday to journalists.

We possess information indicating that terrorists continue to make attempts on access to nuclear materials, the biological and chemical » components; - Bortnikov told.

the Press - conference with participation of the director of FSB took place upon termination of the scheduled meeting of Council of heads of security service and intelligence agencies of the CIS countries.

Bortnikov reported that at a meeting of Council the question of a possibility of use by terrorists of nuclear components was separately brought up by preparation of acts of terrorism. We constantly pay to This question attention - he told.

the Director of FSB also noted that, despite the taken measures, separate sorties from participants of a terrorist underground proceed. The resource base of feed of terrorists is Still high. In this regard it is very important to us to combine efforts in due time to undertake measures of adequate reaction including at an early stage to stop and anticipate this danger - Bortnikov noted.

According to him, collaboration of intelligence agencies of the CIS countries in many respects promotes localizations those acts of terrorism which could happen on the territory of the Commonwealth countries.

the Director of FSB reported that there are enough examples of joint successful work from intelligence agencies on search of the persons who conducted terrorist attacks.

A Number of joint special operations allowed to ruin plans of terrorists for commission of actions in the territory of the Commonwealth countries - he noted.

the Director of FSB emphasized that representatives of a terrorist underground use the latest technical means for preparation and implementation of acts of terrorism.

We have to be armed as appropriate, know about those technical methods which are applied by terrorists - he told.

was reported Besides, by Bortnikov, security service and intelligence agencies actively work at information space, including within the global Internet which is actively used by bandit underground and the terrorist organizations, in particular, for recruitment in the ranks of new members.

The Virtual space is actively used also for financial calculations of the terrorist organizations. And we, of course, seek to stop these attempts - Bortnikov told.