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How to win against terrorism? Acts of terrorism in Kazan

From reports of news lines about the North Caucasus we already, unfortunately, got used to receive news of actions of suicide bombers, or of the next special operation of security officers on elimination of the barricading fighters. But when it occurs in Kazan, in the quiet city in the center of Russia in which never it and was trace, we are covered by wild horror of understanding of all depth of the problems which accumulated for years, but about which preferred to tell nothing. As speak, in Baghdad everything is quiet. Quietly for the time being, and if not to take due measures, then even once quiet Baghdad as practice shows, can become the most hot spot of the world.

Last week, literally on the eve of a holiday, sacred for all Muslims of the planet, Kurban - the Bayram the peace capital of our Republic was shaken again by tragic events. This time the holiday was saddened by news about special operation on Himikov Street during which three persons - two assumed terrorists and one special forces officer of FSB died. By a number of media it is claimed that the liquidated terrorists were organizers of attempts at the mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan and his deputy.

We will never forget a bereavement - a shakhada (martyrdom) of Valiulla of a hazrat of Yakupov which came from hands of bandits in anticipation of Sacred month Ramadan, and hardly these two events before the main holidays of Muslims are a mere coincidence. Valiulla hazrat Yakupov was the deputy mufti by training, and the terrorists who organized this mean murder aimed not just at elimination of one of the most important figures of Spiritual Management of RT, and tried to strike a mortal blow to the main weapon of Muslims of Tatarstan in them on fight against extremism - by training, we will in more detail talk about it slightly below.

Still there passed not enough time as almost after a century total ban Islam began to revive in the territory of Volga and Ural. The people began to aspire to the religious and national background, but revival could not happen from scratch. It was necessary to deliver hastily teachers and preachers - experts on Islam from the countries of the Middle East. Thanks to dedicated work of our few aksakals who kept traditions of ancestors through years of communistic terror and also by means of the sincere sermon of the Arab, Turkish and Pakistani teachers our people began to join spiritual traditions again. At the same time to check qualification of teachers it was not represented possible. The majority them, out of doubt, arrived to train our people in Islam for the sake of God Allah and without any ulterior motive.

However as along with fruitful plants weeds, and here propagate, together with sincere preachers of Islam there arrived also preachers of extremist ideas. And here already there`s nothing to be done, time is missed, and weeds began to yield the fruits, unfortunately. The solution of the matter by power methods is only elimination of consequences, it depends the system approach directed to elimination of the reasons, but not consequences is necessary for effective fight and a victory over religious extremism and terrorism. And the solution of the matter is not one-stage, and demands a sufficient long time.

By the way, in Islamic mind there are three main problems without which elimination to speak about full religious revival generally, and a solution of the problem of extremism in particular, it is senseless:

Illiteracy, first of all low level of religious knowledge, and conscious distortion of reality;

Separation, absence of unity and opposition in the ranks of believers;

Poverty and suspense of social problems.

Let`s analyse extremism problem by means of the analysis of these three points.

The most important and serious problem is the problem of religious illiteracy and total misinformation. This sick point is also beaten by terrorists and extremists of all colors. Using religious illiteracy and the developed prejudices against Muslims on the one hand, and sincere desire of young and vigorous people to make something for the sake of Allah with another, ideologists of terror suggest the followers to make the act of self-sacrifice allegedly to deserve Ry Vsevyshnego.

In Islam actually there is a place to self-sacrifice, nobody can deny it. We can understand it already from sense Kurban - a Bayram, a sacrifice holiday. Readiness of the prophet Ismail (ampere-second.) to be sacrificed by order of Allah, determination of associates of the Prophet Mahomed (page and. century) during battles and heroism of soldiers - the Muslims rising in defense of the homeland in all centuries and the people - are bright to that examples. But in what form it is acceptable and in what is not present? Experts on bases of the Islamic religious right are perfectly informed that it, as well as at any action within religion, has a number of conditions and restrictions. That at the heart of Islam - the peace decision, and self-sacrifice is not a suicide, but self-sacrificing diligence at all on Allah`s the way which is undertaken by the believer on the way of all the life. Since the morning when the person wakes up on a morning prayer, leaving a warm bed, and finishing with paying of time and financial means on projects which are urged to solve problems of a Muslim community. It is also the real jihad - diligence on Allah`s the way. But about it, for some reason, any newspaper will not write and will not show any television channel. As they say - prefer hawt.

For example, all know that in the Holy Koran there are ayata calling for murder of incorrect. But under what circumstances and concerning what incorrect these ayata were granted? Terrorists, certainly, hold back it, or treat the Koran, intentionally distorting its sense. Theologians speak about it, but nobody wishes to listen to them, and it is not interesting to mass media at all. Mass media chase sensation, at the same time widely provide air for statements of extremists, without caring at all for consequences to which information lit by them will lead. Emergence in Muslims of own powerful information resources that society could hear their voice first-hand, but not as it is given by the people or not so expert in Islam questions, or consciously abusing religious subject to please of a certain economic or political environment has to be alternative here.

But the most effective solution of the problem of religious extremism is covered in development of religious education and education since small years. Receiving religious knowledge in the bosom of the family is ideal, as happened in our region throughout many centuries. However in modern conditions when the child spends the most part of time, without seeing the parents, bases of religious education and education have to be introduced in the program of preschool, school and higher education.

If the young man since small years gains the correct impression about Islam, then any extremist will not be able to incline it to the terrorist delusion having nothing in common with Islam of the Lord of the worlds. Moreover, the grounded Muslim himself will be able to give adequate repulse to extremists in dispute, and in the environment of the closed ranks of competent Muslims to terrorists there will never be a place. Inclined to extremism the community either re-educates, or tears away. Therefore for counteraction to extremism the solution of the second problem - a dissociation problem in the ranks of Muslims is very important. In more detail about the solution of the second and third question if it is necessary for Allah, we will talk in our following article. World to you, Allah`s favor and Ego of blessing.

Abu Ahmad