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Europe in Mistolovo: the two-room apartment in style of northern Europe.

This cozy apartment with practical planning are under construction in only five kilometers from St. Petersburg in ZhK “Alpine Village“, in the settlement of Mistolovo.

In the apartment there are no excess walls, partitions and ledges, its planning is thought over by architects for trifles. In such apartment will conveniently live, it is easy to issue, develop it design - the project. The apartment will be leased without finishing, so, new owners will have a chance to realize the creative abilities and to make ideal repair “under itself“, having embodied the dreams!

One of such “ideal“ options for this light two-room flat - the Scandinavian interior. The preference is traditionally given to light tones in it. White or cream walls, a natural soft floor - here without what the Scandinavian style is inconceivable. Color of an ivory, white, cream - visually expand space, set the tone and effectively emphasize other elements of a decor. The furniture in such room is, as a rule, supposed monochrome - black, gray, white. The Scandinavian design is laconic silhouettes, minimalism and a practicality.

However dark severe furniture on a white background, or white on white - it is even boring to read, and to look and even less so! Will rescue accents. Decorate the room bright textiles - curtains, pillows, rugs. Pay attention to lovely interior trifles - figurines, lamp shades. Bright spots will recover a strict interior, will add a cosiness and will emphasize identity of owners. Depending on mood and a season these details can be replaced with others, adding summer, warm shades in the warm winter and cool, gentle in the hot summer.

Are that the common distinctive features and features of the Scandinavian style. It is simple and laconic, very logical and comfortable

. Therefore at the choice of furniture it is worth paying attention not only to the “Scandinavian“ color, but also a form, functionality. The furniture surely has to be the simplest, without elaborate jewelry and an excess decor. Large pieces of furniture, for example, often choose wall cases, systems of storage, complete kitchens white color. Them have along walls, entering in room space. It allows not only to save the place, but also visually continues to increase the room - light furniture on a light background as if space. One more secret for visual increase in the room - mirrors. They are pertinent both in a bedroom, and in a drawing room, and optically move apart space, add light. by

Also at the choice of furniture and finishing of rooms choose natural materials - it is one of the basic rules of the Scandinavian style. Here, certainly, the tree is in the lead. Often it is painted in white or pastel tone with preservation of texture. The tree is used not only just for decoration. In the Scandinavian interior a tree everywhere - toys, candlesticks, frames for pictures. And even ware.

Textiles, an upholstery of furniture and an other decor also have to be the most natural - cotton and flax, skin, a rattan, a bamboo. Surely decorate the room with green plants in pots. If you have no opportunity to regularly pay attention to window plants, pay attention to succulents - unpretentious in leaving, these plants which are not demanding frequent watering are very effective and unusual. Petersburgers and inhabitants of Scandinavia have

much in common - severe climate, long winters and short light day. However if we try to curtain windows heavy curtains, dense portieres, then Scandinavians, as a rule, leave a window open or are limited to light tulle. The ideal window means lack of curtains, they consider. However, if there is a need to take cover from foreign views, blinds, the Roman curtains will help. there is no

In the apartment issued in the Scandinavian style the place to casual and excess things, deposits of unnecessary things or souvenirs. Here everything has to be picked up with attention and care, with love. Each thing makes sense, and in a priority - space, air, light. Here true beauty and value of the Scandinavian interior. And the apartment in “The Alpine village“ is ideal for its embodiment!