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How to cease to be anxious from - for a lack of time?

Are possible, you know what to devote yourself to not to turn sour every day. Or only you think of new life. For example, to sign up for the training courses, to go to travel, to be engaged in a thriathlon.

At such moments the fear of a lack of time steps on the stage. Like, from where to undertake to free minutes? It stops and does not allow changes to occur. Olga Solomatina in the book “How to Win Against Fear“ learns to fight against it. Become


About management of time many books are written. But to win against fear, at first not methods, but belief will be necessary that time and energy will go for significant business. If such belief is, also opportunities will be found. If is not present, there will be reasons to leave everything as before.

Roditelstvo - an example of that how many it is capable to contain in itself life. It is possible to tell that education of children is the second profession, troublesome and expensive. But fathers and mothers somehow find opportunities. Therefore everyone who started changes should learn from them.

If you the parent, make use of the experience. If there are no children, present the child on whom there is no time left. You did not manage to read about education of any book, you do not know how to bathe it and to feed. Hardly presented, replace the child with the project in which you want to be engaged. Also you will find notorious free minutes from the schedule.

Cultivate discipline

In four years of work the author of article understood that there is no muse. It does not come when it wants it, it does not come at all. The only satellite is a self-discipline.

Wait journalists of inspiration, newspapers would not appear. Wait for it surgeons, patients would not survive. Therefore do not wait also you. Reject excuses and do not explain laziness with lack of a muse. You work, proceeding from the schedule, and business will begin to be argued.

Allow more time and forces


how you or your family did repair. Probably, it borrowed twice, and even it is three times more than time. Also expenses raised. At the same time not all ideas managed to be realized.

A mistake - to consider that success is achieved without pain and persistence. Stock up with patience. Accept the fact that any matter, whether it be repair in the apartment or changes in life, takes more time and costs dearer, than you plan. Ask

about the help

Even the best golfer Tiger Woods has a trainer. With it Tiger achieves result quicker and more stoutly realizes potential.

Trainers are necessary also in business. Business - too competition, athletes - businessmen and the companies - teams. Glasses are awarded by clients when they pay. The skilled person who already passed through the mistakes trapping you acts as the mentor.

Such trainers, mentors, teachers are useful in all areas of life. Address them if reached a deadlock. They will show an exit and will advance you to the purpose.
Let`s sum up of

the result:

Roditelstvo`s - an example of that how many it is capable to contain in itself life. Become “parent“ to find free minutes.

is not present of the Muse. Wait journalists of inspiration, newspapers would not appear. Cultivate discipline and you work, proceeding from the schedule.

Success is not achieved without pain and persistence. Stock up with patience because changes in life take more time, than you plan.

Trainers, mentors, teachers are useful to in all areas of life. Address them to break an impasse and to promote to the purpose.

On materials of the book of Olga Solomatina “How to win against fear“.