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How to vanish a little?

the ghost thought. burned bmp pleasantly warmed a body and having stretched hands opposite to stars it gave vent to thoughts and memoirs to plow once again his restless soul...

“ Shine, grin. Observe as slowly people devour each other and sweep away the world remains on the mad guilty way. Most likely for them similar it is game, entertainment. Whether they feel pain, our fear - of course and still in addition most likely and eat it. It seems that God of love and creation the world which was tired to constrain in the decayed market decided to go on leave or to create from scratch, having taken away seeded by a milliard harvest.

Yes transition to the “new“ world still bites in dreams - everything began with a telebox when that began to mutter nervously and aggressively about shelters, PRU, horrors of the outside world and the exclusive importance of ours. The situation was so to speak quickly changing. Especially tensed educational alarms in the mornings, it “At - At - UUU“ awoke since early morning and forced with a reluctance, without trusting to pack NZ and a backpack. That bright day...“

the ghost hard began to breathe, fists were clenched.

“ It is silent, silent. Whether it is worth blaming the federals who did not manage or not persons interested to prevent practical self-destruction of mankind here. Or perhaps human essence ready in anger and arrogance to destroy everything on the way. On extreme the measure when we were vytaskivyvat from the cellar under fallen off the building, wanted to be angry with federals not really. We only whispered to military by the voice which became hoarse from week singing and howls - Thanks, thanks...

wanted to be angry then with separatists when they raskhrenachit completely the escort accompanying survivors on the way to a reservation. Already now estimating that in a reservation I would definitely not survive, but at that time I saw as federals and part of refugees did not survive. Pain, fear. The world floated, is contused and with insult wailing.“

of an eye of the ghost were poured by blood, he crossed hands, his face madly smiled to a heavenly carpet.

“ Resistance had the world, the war. They considered that federals fucked up everything that could only be fucked up. Did not wish to unfasten and give the children more.

of Mdaa. Dashing times began. But special fun was ahead.

Who used the psychotropic weapon still it is not known. Federals mowed on abroad, separata on federals. It is hard to say to whom, it was how more favorable to make the main population heartless, scaredly - depressive weight. Probably to that who won who keeps a hand on a curtain in an anticipation of the exit, but still is afraid of a scene. “- the ghost smiled, perfectly knowing why. suddenly dark and sticky something rose from depths and spread outside.

“ Blows of fists turned a face of the skinner into terrible weight. - What for?!!! Why you made it??! - the grimace gurgled and laughed turning into squeals for pleasure. It was not a skinner any more, it was similar to a Satan who was woken in a dark back street of human consciousness. It seemed that all settlement was covered with blood, bodies were practically not, there were only parts. If only not to see, if only not to see...“

the Ghost moaned. “everything will be enough for today“ - furiously pushing away a whirlwind he whispered. “Max, - quietly called the ghost - collect patrol, in 30 minutes we move forward“.

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