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Autumn wind disperse the bustling, scattered in the early winter cx, let a rosy clouds, a good name - beatrice ask shire, in the form of debris, carved into the kagyu along the gobi, watch in the library such as g Guo Le river dry riverbed, the watch is three thousand.

of Library such as g Guo Le river in three thousand, leaving only the trace of water washing, confirms that ever lived in this river surging.

In fact, it is dry for a long time library such as g Guo Le river, like a long rope, will have a prosperous as ancient city, beatrice ask shire castles, lake blanchard, loulan ancient closely linked together.

Originated in the eastern tianshan dc motor gear mountain peak in Khartoum, rick mountain repository such as g Guo Le river, once walking continuously along the southwest through the hami basin, through the position of city`s gobi pastoral, eventually flow into the lake blanchard. Is just because of the existence of library such as g Guo Le river, Cameroon, rick on the snow - capped mountains of snow melting of desire, to moisten the position of the ancient city of hundred kilometers of land, to make the agriculture of plot of land development, let here oasis, rich and prosperous. Since the han dynasty, ancient, this land know carried lightly bell sound, merchants come and go, with flags, changeable?

the gobi fields, see the endless cotton fields, vineyards, and reading the moist ground water village name, south lake, fire Shi Quan, is the city in the world known as the devil “world yadan“ nearby technology development, also surrounded by a large chunks of jujube. But after appreciate pastoral of warm and sweet festival at the same time, you have to appreciate that disappeared out of sadness. Because of the existence of the reality is that libraries such as g Guo Le river south lake village in block in a desert gobi, river once injection is already do not know the qualifications of the lake dried up, left one is called beatrice ask shire watchman on the dry riverbed, ancient castle overlooking the karma that the silence of the lake in the gobi.

I could not guess the comings and goings mourn beatrice ask whether shire the castle are noticed the library such as g Guo Le river of sorrow? If she noticed the frightening you in the near ahead of lop nur were systematically stud Ed? That gave birth to the culture of land, and now actually drown in the history of the sand blurred clouds, scholars have in common, let literati ChangSi short thought.

Predecessors trees descendants cool, this is an exciting warm words, inspired generations of people to protect green hills and water, so that I can make future generations have a breeding habitat. Who short stay apartments in hk can stop the human excessive activities and then disappear forever not to drop the fight? What to send to walk the sandstorm occurrence of haze? A loulan gone, usher in a position to the prosperous city, but now, as ancient city has been depressing more than one thousand years, is waiting for a new “loulan“ disappear again?

In a sand blurred in the sunset, I touch with beatrice ask shire castle dry feet, reading library such as g Guo Le river of sorrow.