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Duke Vindzorsky and Wallis Simpson. What it is more important in life - love or a crown? Whether

Are possible to renounce a crown for love? In fairy tales, likely, it happens. On that they and fairy tales. In real life it is hardly probable. And business even not that all princes had hearts of stone which the love did not concern. The atmosphere of royalty, situation, a family, at last, will never allow to endanger a royal dynasty.

But, it appears, there was one case. And rather recently, in the 19th century. I think, all heard about love of the English prince Eduard who stayed the king Edward VIII less than a year, and abdicated then, and the simple woman Wallis Simpson. It is necessary to begin from the very beginning that motives of an act of the successor of a crown and the love story similar to the fairy tale became clear.

... Prince Eduard - Altbert - Christian - George - Andrew - Patrick - David was born on June 23, 1894 in Richmond, in a family of the crown prince of Great Britain, future king George V and his wife, queen Maria. Parents did not indulge children the attention, visiting them only before going to bed, and among a week there is time or two writing out strict manuals how royal offsprings have to behave.

In the 19th century the king in Great Britain became only a national symbol, monarchs had no real power any more, all decisions were made by Parliament. Members of a royal dynasty remained nothing any more how to concentrate the efforts on gloss of royal regalia. Palace etiquette, an environment, occupations, subjects for conversations - everything was strictly regulated. Reached sometimes to the point of absurdity.

Prince David (as called future Edward VIII) had no friends at all. It was brought up by foreign people, saw parents seldom, respectively, any love as in simple families between parents and children, was not trace there and. The atmosphere of constant bans, remarks, reminders on a debt promoted that David grew at the closed and very reserved young man. The young man lonely against the will, fell into the drinking habit.

Likely, even in more ancient time medieval kings and princes had more cheerful and free life, than during the Victorian era in England. Not it one, and many members of royal family differed in reserve, a stiffness, lack of elementary human emotions. What to do, it is absolutely other world and to us, the mere mortal not to understand it.

David received the personal means of which he could dispose only after 18 years, already studying in Oxford. The prince did not make special progress, teachers even at desire to flatter the high-native student, could not invent anything outstanding about the prince. But also bad there was nothing to tell too.

In 1914 war began and prince David saw though some opportunity, sense in empty as he considered, lives. He wanted on the front, wanted to be useful, but it is natural, the crown prince nobody will let to be at war. It - the future of Great Britain even if it is simple, in national sense, without the real power. But David at any opportunity visited wounded.

Any hobby of the prince was rigidly stopped. Jumps? Dangerously, the queen told. The car on which the prince adored going by high speed got too to a black list because the king - the father and the mother is a queen in the letter “very much were anxious“ for the son. Playing a polo, the prince obtained a ball in an eye, and again - a ban. Having hardly learned to steer plane, piloting was necessary to throw …

too It seems that in this person there were many talents, abilities, but constant taboos did not allow to be realized to any of them. Whether it is worth being surprised that in questions of love, brought to rage which, certainly, he trained by royal education carefully hid, the prince became it is stubborn.

David visited almost whole world, submitting people the sincerity, modesty and kindness. Than it became more adult, especially his outlooks on life differed from family views. The prince declared that he is not eager for dynastic marriage as that is dictated by the most ancient customs. He in general long time did not want to marry, and only twisted numerous, but short-term romance novels.

Did not meet her yet. Wallis Simpson was from a notable American family - descendants of the British who arrived to the New World in the 17th century. Unfortunately, the father Wallice died when to the girl there were only several months. Mother and the daughter experienced some material difficulties, and Wallis resolved to marry successfully not to think more of money.

With first marriage the girl was not lucky: Uinfild Spencer drank and by hearsay, let loose hands. Wallis took out one advantage from this marriage - it visited China where the husband served. Having lived year in the amazing country, the woman got acquainted with other culture, having broadened the horizons. The second time Wallis married already more successfully. Ernest Simpson was engaged in business and affairs it went successfully.

Wallis and David got acquainted on reception at Thelma Ferness, the mistress of the prince. And of course, a minute of acquaintance Wallis also did not suspect that from - for it the international scandal will burst and it will be nearly only case of renunciation of a crown for love. Her love.

From the first meeting between them there was a mutual sympathy. Wallis had easy temper, she is skillful to make laugh and itself laughed much, behaved always simply and easy. David who from a cradle is held down by etiquette relaxed at its presence, could be oneself and itself did not notice how he became attached to Mrs. Simpson so that did not imagine life without it any more.

They together traveled, the whole world knew about their love. David executed all whims of the beloved. Furs, jewelry, dresses, spirits, expensive cosmetics, fabulously expensive knickknacks … Wallis it was only worth looking, and to ask and it was not necessary, everything right there fell to her legs. Near it David blossomed, got rid of many complexes.

Ernst Simpson was derided in the press meanwhile. And what it could do? The deceived husband treated everything philosophically and somehow admitted to the friend: “I have such impression as if I interfere with the course of historical events“.

There are various sources which claim that the prince naturally pursued Wallis, and that all life loved only Ernest Simpson, and married the prince from - for threats of the last to commit suicide. So it or not, it is difficult to find out. Life of the high-ranking persons always interested society therefore “sources“ will regularly appear, and everyone will apply for reliability.

News of George V`s death plunged David into confusion, he was not ready to make quickly decisions, and, above all, he did not want to refuse love. After crowning he started conversation with a family on marriage with Wallis. But did not get support that should have been expected. Did not approve Eduard and Parlament`s behavior, threatening with resignation of the government that threatened with political crisis. But the people supported the king, people approached crowds Buckingham Palace and chanted in support of their marriage with Wallis:

- Hands off our king!

Wallis Simpson though was a noble family, but not so to marry the prince of Wales - the successor of the British crown. Understood all this, and the king at heart too understood it. On Wallis influential friends pressed, on the king the family pressed. It seemed, it is a little more and they will give up, the king who never had strong character will follow the tastes of a family, an environment and customs.

However he chose love. On December 10, 1936 in the presence of three brothers the king Edward VIII declared “the firm and final decision to abdicate“. He without deliberating signed all relevant documents then he called Cannes where ran away from persecution its adored Wallis, and reported to it that he abdicated. His touching speech was broadcast, and it was listened by the whole world. The request for the text came even from Spain in which war raged...

They got married in half a year, in May, 1937. After renunciation Eduard came into a title of the duke Vindzorsky, a decent fortune, real estate and … freedom. The former king would not exchange improbable ease, happiness in which the ducal couple lived for the rest of the life for all crowns of the world.

Many years later asked it a question:

- If time turned back, you, your Highness, would arrive also or would remain the king?

Eduard, having sent a smile to the adored spouse with whom they were published exclusively together, answered:

- I would arrive in the same way!

The duke Vindzorsky, the former king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, died in Paris on May 28, 1972 from cancer. A funeral took place in London. The long turn of saying goodbye stretched for mile. Were present the queen Elizabeth with members of royal family at a sad ceremony. The Duchess of Windsor endured the spouse for several years, died in 1986 and was buried in a grave near the husband.