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Dvulistnik - a flower - the invisible being. Why it is so called? What

only of surprising plants were not created by the nature! One of them - a rare, relic plant - Gray`s dvulistnik well-known for what can turn into the invisible being, is direct as in the fairy tale. The plant is included in the Red List, but it is possible to grow up this fantastic miracle and in the garden.

Rod Dvulistnik belongs to family Barberry and contains only three look:

Dvulistnik Gray - grows in the Far East, in Japan and China.

Dvulistnik Chinese - in East Asia.

Dvulistnik shchitkovidny - in North America.

the Latin name of a dvulistnik - difillet, comes from the Greek words “two“ and “sheet“ - the plant has only two roundish leaves which diameter of 20 - 25 cm.

Gray`s dvulistnik, a perennial grassy plant, height of 30 - 50 cm is more widespread in culture. The rhizome is thick, creeping thanks to which the plant expands and forms small kurtinka. At the end of summer the elevated part dies off.

White flowers with six chashelistika, to 2 cm in the diameter, are collected on 8 - 12 pieces in inflorescences - a guard. The plant blossoms about a month in May - June. In August fruits - dark-the blue berries similar to small grapes ripen.

Dvulistnik Gray has interesting feature: at hit on its petals of water, they become transparent and almost invisible. When flowers dry, again become white. For such unusual feature this plant is called still a skeletal flower.

Dvulistnik Gray can be grown up in gardens as an ornamental plant. It is necessary to settle him only in shadows or a penumbra on the rich, well humidified soil. Gentle, fragile leaves will need protection against strong winds and sufficient humidity of air.

Make multiple copies a dvulistnik generally division, viability of seeds low. Before crops stratification within several months will be required. The plants received from seeds expand slowly and blossom only for 4 - 5.

Live I had not to see this plant, but even when looking at its photos fantastic plots and strange stories were born. I bring to your attention one of them.

... There was this history in old, immemorial times when only in imperial yes royal gardens grew up flowers on delight of owners.

In one of such gardens among a set of fine plants there lived Dvulistnik. Its modest white flowers could not be compared to magnificence of roses, splendor of peonies, refinement of orchids, a lilac fragrance. But it was worth looking at snow-white purity of petals of Dvulistnik, in the hearts of people tenderness and love woke up.

And here the spoiled, haughty princess conceived to use Dvulistnik`s flowers in the mercenary purposes. The king`s son from the neighboring kingdom attracted it and only that did not pay attention to the whimsical princess. The girl persuaded the father to organize a ball and to invite the young neighbor. And itself ordered to the tailor to sew a new dress and to decorate with its flowers Dvulistnik.

As the gardener learned about it, became agitated and ran to the little-used wood to the old magician for help. Fell before it on knees and exclaimed:

- Help to rescue from death a wonderful plant - Dvulistnik.

Well that wizard knew the kind soul of the young gardener, did not deny the assistance.

- There is one means: if all plants of a garden want to help Dvulistnik and will give on one teardrop - a dewdrop, and you will collect those droplets in a magic vessel and will sprinkle with them Dvulistnik`s petals, they in a moment the statute invisible, - the magician told and gave to the guy the purest rock crystal vessel.

- Show nobody this vessel, otherwise it will lose the magic power, - the magician punished and disappeared.

The gardener to the pets came back and told them words of the wizard.

- Do not mourn, - the queen of flowers - Scarlet Roza responded, - come at midnight - we will give on a droplet - the teardrop.

The gardener collected that night a full bottle of miracle flower tears and for a bosom hid.

There came time when the tailor entered a garden to pick Dvulistnik`s flowers. The gardener, having been ahead of him, ran up to the bush shining purity of white petals and sprinkled with his tears friends - plants. At the very same time petals became transparent as if created by the skillful jeweler from the thinnest crystal. And when the tailor approached them, became absolutely invisible.

There is a lot of noise and alarm was in the palace that evening. The enraged princess threatened to demolish the head to the gardener and to destroy all flowers in a garden.

For luck, her father was a reasonable person and before carrying out the daughter`s whims, went down in the morning in a garden and ordered to show to the gardener that place where Dvulistnik grows. Dew drops dried by then, and the plant shone pristineness of the white petals.

The tsar smiled to a flower and quietly said:

- I hope, and my daughter, looking at you, will find tenderness and kindness.