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Whether men of romanticism are deprived?

Why women cry during viewing of romantic movies with scenes how the man pursues the leaving train to tell the beloved about the feelings how he clambers on her balcony with a bouquet of roses on a fire-escape and how gives for it fantastic party on a roof where, except their little table, a champagne bottle with glasses, baskets of fruit, a vase with the flowers and the violinist playing in the distance, nothing is present? Yes because in life of such romanticism, alas, practically you will not meet, and tears when viewing cinema often happen regret tears.

According to researches, only 6% of men are voluntary romantics - on own initiative write verses, do beautiful recognitions and other romantic gestures by the beloved. At the same time 70% of the man`s population of the planet appreciate this romanticism from women, but to organize evening by candlelight, a bathroom with petals of roses etc. do not try, including similar “knights“ which so are eager for the woman, the last century.

Psychologists consider that diffident girls who need constantly confirmation of feelings to them lack romanticism. But at the same time and popular beauties, models, actresses, TV hosts not against to receive a small bouquet of flowers, to be invited to a romantic dinner, and it is even better - a weekend. But why men of it do not do?

• Lack of time and money. Yes, the beautiful declaration of love demands the careful organization, preparation and, respectively, time. And men all such busy, modern and business. Only three hours at the same time to be made a hole in the car - it is possible, and to spend the same time, for example, to write “Good morning, darling!“ under a window - it is a pity. The same history and concerning money: they can be invested infinitely in tuning of a car, but what fool will spend one hundred - another of dollars to present to the woman of times in life “one million scarlet roses“? Though, on the truth, many unique things which will bring the mass of positive emotions can be created without special expenses.

• Unwillingness to strain. Most of women, being tired to wait for the first step from the man, take the organization of romantic evenings - dawn in the hands. At the same time their men only in rare instances pick up relay, and generally - with pleasure are ready to entrust darling these efforts, she also perfectly copes.

• There is not enough imagination. Yes, and many consciously admit it. Like, if you tell that it is necessary for you - I will make, and I cannot think out. But, dear men, the Internet and more romantic friends (and also girlfriends of your woman) to you in the help! The world not without kind people, someone surely will help to think up to you the original scenario to surprise the beloved.

• A stereotype about romantics. To regret, and in consciousness of many men the romantic is a synonym of the word “driveller“. Well are not compatible in their concept of the romantic and the real man in any way! And in vain! What difference who what about you will tell or will think if finally you make the woman happy?

From life I know several men who inherently - not romantics. But periodically do some, let and standard, romantic acts because know - its half needs it, without it it does not consider the relation full. But unless not it is necessary to aspire to it in the relations - that to the partner near you it was good? And why then sometimes not to satisfy it (but is more often - it) requirement even if not from a sincere rush, and simply to make pleasant?

Romanticism - is unconditional. It or is (always, and not just on holidays), or is not present. But our women any more before not razbalovana romanticism that was it and on holidays enough. And the package of food from which it is possible to make a tasty dinner the new vacuum cleaner or a blind in a bathroom is not romanticism at all. Because, granting next hozyaystvenno - household accessory, the man once again emphasizes that the place of the woman - at a plate, and put it - on March 8. At the same time even one small live floret will light her eyes as if you have the first appointment again.

Whether men of romanticism are deprived? Apparently, no, time are able to estimate it in relation to themselves. But the relations is a team game, and from time to time it is necessary to adopt “pass“.