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How to charge the mobile phone without connection to the power supply network? Wireless technologies

the Mobile phone became already necessary thing in life of each of us. Without it we are ill at ease. But here trouble: it works while the accumulator has a sufficient charge.

“Sat down“ as speak in popular speech, the accumulator needs to be put on charging. Usually it becomes through the battery charger attached to it giving the necessary technical indicators. Process of charging quite long - hours. Overwhelming quantity of models of mobile phones have rather weak accumulator which should be charged in a day or two. It very much irritates. Especially in conditions, when there is no time to wait.

In principle, it is possible to have at itself the spare accumulator. But it completely does not solve a problem. All the same the device (battery charger) is attached to an electric network on 220 volts. Dream of many owners of various wearable electronic devices having the accumulator that charging occurred automatically and without the bothered battery charger. In other words, without wires. This dream already began to come true.

Several firms and the companies a long time are occupied with developments of wireless technologies of charging. The Intel corporation is among them.

Recently on Taiwan there took place the Computex exhibition. On it experts from “Intel“ presented the technologies of wireless accumulator charging. Their essence that in the mobile phone, the laptop or still some device, the small additional fee is built in. With its help the device without wires receives charging current. The battery charger is at distance and, certainly, is included in a network. Nuance only that it is placed, for example, under a little table in cafe, bar or restaurant or still somewhere. It is enough to put on a table, let us assume, the mobile phone, and accumulator charging in it will begin.

Similarly also the developed wireless systems of charging at some other companies work. If to be absolutely exact - technologies of wireless charging have the standard: Qi and Rezence.

It turned out that it is quite possible to charge devices with low consumption of energy if besprovodno “to tie“ them to the Internet. For example, through Wi - Fi where besides a signal on air also a small amount of energy - about 1 watt extends. And it not so and is not enough if to tell that the iPhone charger gives 5 watts of power. Of course, at the power of 1 watt charging will be not so effective, as at 5 watts. But it has no special value as charging will begin to be conducted besprovodno and to you all the same how many it will demand time - the device all of you will be able equally to use.

At university of Washington the group of scientists works on providing accumulator charging with Wi - Fi without intervention in the equipment of providers now. So far it is possible to load with free energy (from air) fitness - a tracker approximately for 40%. It is not so bad if to consider that it is “gratuitous“ energy. Small power of routers so far here is a barrier. The technology is, however, not new. But very perspective. The Energous company already has prototypes enough powerful devices which besprovodno transfer energy with the same principle, as at Wi - Fi. And according to the statement of specialists of the company, these devices give the chance at distance to charge accumulators of smartphones. So, the idea found also practical application.

According to experts, the first covers for mobile phones which are adjusted on wireless accumulator charging can appear in 2016. Feature of such cover will be in what will begin to close enough it (that is to turn on the built-in electronics in the cover) that recharge of the accumulator automatically began. Certainly, provided that the mobile phone is in the radius of action of a network of wireless charging.