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Children and the computer - objective reality or the evil?

On a visit there was a girlfriend with the son. We did not see each other so long ago that did not even recognize each other children. The boy entered a vigorous pace with the laptop under the arm.

- Tell your Wi - Fi.

- At us when guests come, Wi - Fi is not used...

The rest of evening the child sat in gloomy grief while in the neighboring room there was his peer and tried to play one face in chess.

The boy of 15 years could not connect two words. He spoke all the time: “Mother, and you remember, at us in it as was? Tell?“ And mother translated us his words. Densely reduced them an introduction: “My son is not fixated on the computer“. And so often she it repeated that people around and were convinced of it. Also nodded - yes, we and thought.

Our family moved to the new house three years ago. I learned that on one platform with my sons there lives their peer a month ago. Sits in front of the computer - mother sighs. I will throw out it! - the father threatens. And other familiar family - usual, as all: the father and mother work, the son is provided to himself. He is already an addict. When the woman takes away a dope, gets up over her also begins that in the people is called, “to take out a brain“. And its affairs, children younger, fatigue, eventually! And she gives up - if only did not touch …

The other day listened to opinion of the modern “advanced“ mother: well and that bad what the child has the computer, constantly uses the Internet? There is a lot of information, there is a lot of interesting. He communicates on the Internet! Yes all progressive society has to know, be able and use the computer and the Internet!

And even more often on adult social networks I see children. But we know: what is admissible for adult mentality - unacceptably for the nursery! Ah, he created the account...

Now also at school give tasks under the name: “find in the Internet“. And it is normal? Parents not against.

Mothers, you the truth so think that on the Internet - nothing bad?!

From the objective point of view, for today really not to do the person without the Internet and modern electronic means. It is a possibility of communication in real time, holdings business meetings, negotiations and meetings at distance of thousands of kilometers from each other, a document transfer and information, search of that information, its availability, convenience, mobility etc. The one who wants to earn money and to keep up to date - any more does not think of the life without the Internet. Pluses from use of the present possibilities can be listed very long. But let`s remember that these pluses are obvious to our generation - society which grew in natural communication: we read books, walked, played sports, made something the hands.

Today`s child will not take the book if he has a computer - the Internet. And it is good if your child in it an exception. And if is not present? He will not go to the street to communicate with friends. He seldom visits circles. He is not able to think independently - why if there is all gotovenky? Cannot connect in oral speech and two words. Is not able to build the healthy relations with people in real society - its reality already not here. Is constantly in the virtual world - where everything is simple, available, thought and made for you. He does not know himself, does not know life, does not know people. Also never learns. He will not learn to overcome difficulties and to achieve in life the objectives - on what to study him?

Here and children future there is no time to do - in “Tanks online“ and adult uncles vanish. He is not able to hammer a nail - his hands znayuttolko the keyboard. His body will atrophy from continuous sitting - the metabolism is broken, the general state of health worsens. This is the weak-willed, conducted, worthless, operated, dependent person.

The generation of computer addicts, patients, zombie grew already and was created. I do not exaggerate. Go outside. Where our children? When the parent speaks: to my Mischa, except the Internet and the computer nothing is interesting - be sure, Mischa - dependent. And such Mish - the majority. If you take away the computer from them - they become aggressive, uncontrollable, angry. And when you will give - kind, cheerful.

Esteem in more detail about signs of any dependence - the benefit all information is available now. There is no identity of the child - it collapsed, without having managed to grow, take roots. How he will live among similar? To society it did not become terrible yet?

Who is guilty of it? We!

Ah, we think that our children broaden the horizons at the computer? We see a lot of useful on the Internet and we consider that wise offsprings also use this usefulness? I hurry to afflict. Our children at the computer play network games. About any usefulness they also do not suspect because, in - the first in order that about it the nobility - the general development is necessary at least, and in - the second when there is an easy available way to degrade (nothing to do) - it also will be chosen. How it is possible to speak about development on the Internet of children even if we, the adults who grew up in the society, healthier than internet, sometimes are tempted on zheltenky information and easy communication?

It is necessary to be very steady person having already developed interests with the stable mentality strengthened by will power and a clear understanding of the place in life to be able to receive only one pluses from a modern computerization. Such person will supplement life, the interests with the computer. For it the Internet - only the tool for obtaining information. You are sure that your children already such? Otherwise the Internet - full substitute of life. Even adults roll in its networks!

And to develop itself, the Internet and the computer are there been enough by 40 minutes a day, and it should not be used not for games and communication. And there is even a lot of it!

But as the child will study possibilities of the Internet, will understand how in it to be guided, will learn to look for the answer to questions? Here is how time for this purpose a lot of time is not necessary! Any offspring is capable to learn to use the Internet and search engines in a few minutes - especially as it is madly interesting to him.

But how our children will develop, obtain other information to communicate and form the personality?

Dear parents! A lot more years are experimentally proved back that information obtained through books is tens times more effective, than video, games and other razvlekalochka. Books are not only “live“ gold mine of information, but also the tool for development of own thinking, imagination, the imagination, sharpness. Children`s reference books give the general outlook, develop erudition - unlike the Internet in which it is easy to find required information about which you already know. But from where you recognize her?

Through real-life communication, joint games on the street the child will learn to build the relations, to find a common language with people, will receive skills of the solution of stressful situations. In games children learn to think creatively, in joint games - think in team, in common achieve goals.

Through development of own interests, bents - in circles, through needlework, with similar the person develops communication the personality.

Sport, physical games are a development of a body, spirit. Fresh air and the street is a hardening.

But it is difficult! Vasya does not want to develop, Vasya wants the Internet. And he will not go for a walk. And it has no interests. But there are a bad mood and even unwillingness to live. And the parent will give up. It is a pity for the child...

Let`s learn to divide we availability of the Internet to the person whose mentality is steady, the purposes are created, and mental development - normal, and availability to the child who has nothing yet - an empty leaf. These are different things. Also we will begin to make, at last, conscious decisions. If the Internet - so my child of the zombie. I agree!