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How to be unfortunate?

Well it is impossible to the people to be happy! Also leave alone you it with “You want to be ephemeral happy - be it“ or “Idi behind the desires“, or, it is worse than that, “Work on yourself“. Enough! Will be enough for us brains to kanifolit.

“We do not wish to live, eh, in a different way!“ And it is, by the way, not some there irresponsibility in relation to the life. At all not absence of desire to address old wisdom of the people which says that happiness is dug in overcoming of weaknesses and the desires. This clear and true situation. It is a pragmatism and reality - heavy, endured by everyone on the shirt close to a body.

We know much, it is a lot of stories about unfortunate people. And happy is not the rule. This exception. Where they, these happy? Point a finger though at one! (It I will kill - let does not spoil weight.) Ah yes, happy is in fairy tales. And it is senseless to argue with the mass of knowing. Known fact: to change itself hard and, apparently, it is very heavy. Tried who - a little, did not see such. Then why to speak about it? The majority is all the same more right.

Here also it turns out that happiness - a thing unpredictable. It - as will carry. Both will carry, and you will fall down. Almost instantly. Even you will not manage to enjoy. Here also you think: and whether there is it? Just in dreams unrealizable yes sad because. What here can learn? And who in general is capable to develop technology of receiving the silvery plumelets sparking freely, extensively, filling outside and inside with the boundless blue sky?

“Let`s stop this useless discussion“. And, as that looking for that ransacks where light-, but did not fall, and we will go in the way familiar and clear. The known paths - it is easier and easier.

We will repeat science by misfortune (and it will suddenly be forgotten - it is impossible!) :

I, maybe, then to me will live more quietly. In disbelief that the benefit is.

to me should repeat more often that I am unfortunate. Also it is necessary to trust - forever. So, by the way, it is simpler. For greater fidelity - to remind also others. The collective belief - strengthens.

to Make the list of misfortunes. Both to meditate and to believe in them. To cherish everyone - on point. And to practise in it every day. To me to find all signs of a failure. And to appoint guilty persons. And to execute. Also it is possible to take offense. And it is obligatory to find fellow sufferers (they will be, they are enough to be called).

Around enemies - aggressions have more. To humour the imperfections. They operate me - I am a hostage. I will cry.

to Store stereotypes as wine. And to trust those who clever, but not that who is happy (they are absent).

Nobody will help me - and do not try. Do not give yourself on worry of charlatans.

to Fight against life - it my first enemy! Not to accept itself, and to exterminate.

not to execute the desires - all uselessly. It is impossible to please itself at all. For greater fidelity - and to forbid others. And to convince not convinced that it is silly.

to me to deny all opinions that against. They are the fools who are not knowing life. Are covered with easy greens, all think that they bear light. Ha - ha - I was same, young. But it was knocked by a hotelka about asphalt - since then there were clever I. What and to you I wish.

to me not to change anything At all! To go a beaten path. There is only an entrance (and I already entered). And an exit - an invention for prostachok which consider that it is possible to live not so. My hotelka became loose. To me to tear off it and to throw out absolutely!

to me not to change itself at all! And it is better to wait when. Years through three hundred will be - not with me. And I at a grave will a little lie down. Also I will not understand - why to me all this. What I waited for, wanted, did not try to obtain. With whom argued and why did not try. To turn the brains.