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Freedom is not necessary to us! To Push

the member to the back of the man began to be called freedom today, and to think that such behavior is a perversion - human rights violation. That day when for the fact that you preserve your child against homosexuals, file a lawsuit against you is near just as the black Black can seriously punish for the word in the developed countries today. I understand

Ya that 2 persons can derive with each other pleasure in different forms. It concerns also traditional couples. Can be more difficult to communicate to homosexuals with an opposite sex. There can be someone ``feels like` `the man being a woman and vice versa.

Ya thought earlier that they so far to me do not prevent to live - let do that want. News that not to violate the rights of homosexuals the law under which spouses of any orientation will be called not the husband and the wife now, and the spouse number one and the spouse number two is adopted lets even to the near person know that the more freedoms at one, the it is heavier to live another.

Freedom - too heavy burden for those who do not know that he does. Freedom without own wisdom it is equivalent to slavery to dogmas of others how it is necessary to live. Present to

firm in which the person without experience has an equivalent voice with the founder of the company. Present the village where grown wise education, life, war and td the person who saw the world and gave many, many days to thoughts and self-improvement, made much kind for society has an equal voice with molodukhy which that 2 times went to the city - and you will understand all ugliness of democracy.

I matter is not that one of them is cleverer or sillier, better or worse, is more far-sighted or more active than another. The matter is that each of us makes decisions proceeding from own speculation. The speculation is as far as sees mind. Mind looks there where are sent to end in itself of the person. Wants Molodukh to the city - she will vote for construction of the road to the city. In the village it is boring for it. The old man will vote for construction of more convenient houses as he is not going to leave anywhere. Everyone needs the and only the general work it is possible to achieve that to everyone it became good.

being Only guided by wisdom it is possible to achieve prosperity. Wisdom has no age. It is easy to distinguish and notice wisdom. Wisdom is capable to direct and train. Wisdom is capable to interest young people to construct to old men of the house, and only then to construct the road to the city. If to tell

to a male: ``You can be a woman and it is normal``, the one who could not be a man will go on this way. Why to try to become the man? To become it? Become men, but are not born. The same as not everyone who will give birth to the child becomes a mother, not each man has spiritual power to take the responsibility for the family, for the events around.

the Option can be granted by a community, but it cannot be received just like that. Any person is obliged to prove the affairs that he has enough wisdom to make own choice to make the decision.

Today the vast majority of homosexuals - children, youth which was told that it is so possible to live. Also speak are those who live so. At everyone the speculation. Well the married family man, happy, understanding importance of maternal care and unlimited strength and patience of the woman cannot say that full value of a family does not depend on a floor.

Family foundations are broken from - for the fact that there is an option, there is freedom and there is no knowledge, there is no wisdom. Why to suffer the person if it is possible not to suffer? Why to try to create and improve if it is easier to destroy and accuse another? Why to watch itself and own behavior if it is easier to watch behavior of another? Why to work on itself if it is easier to work on another? Why to the man the woman if she is not ready to support him him in his vital and spiritual way, and wishes that it passed it without her, most of women looks for the taken place men? Why to the woman the man if he does not wish to pass this way? Why they each other if they cannot be oneself when they together?

Wisdom - is given those who looks for it. The way to it lies through mistakes. That is why it is necessary to be able to forgive those who regretted. Judge people on acts only those whom wisdom did not concern yet. Wise will specify the correct way, understanding that to listen to a voice of wisdom it is necessary to be wise. If there is no wisdom yet - the person will go by own mistakes. But it is a way, too experience too and it is impossible to get in the way of it because truth of everyone the.

However if the person began to ignore wisdom, ceased to look for it, began to listen only to itself and the speculation and waits that all have to respect his point of view even if it is unnatural, that is against a nature and the nature - it cannot indulge!

It is necessary to call everything by the names. If the person puts to peep in a thick gut to another from where there is shit consisting for 70% of bakteriozny weight and it massages pro-stately gland and therefore to the second can be from - for it pleasantly - it is necessary and to explain it. There is nothing romantic in it, as well as that women ceased learns to give power to the man, and men ceased to derive pleasure with the woman. Sex is first of all power process, but not mechanical. Just are not able also all. And both are not able and do not want to study. But shout of the right to do nonsenses.