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Apricot jam - and is tasty and whether

such recipes of apricot jam which guarantee both excellent taste, and remarkable quality are useful? It appears, happen. Here one of them.

In July gardens and rural streets are painted in yellow and orange colors. It is very beautiful. The palette of gardens is similar to violence of autumn paints. But the July coloring of trees is much warmer and more cheerful. And, of course, much more tasty.

Such coloring give to streets and gardens apricot trees. And still apricots give cheerfulness, good health and abundance of the most refined flavoring feelings.

Several decades ago to regale on the fresh apricots which just fell from a tree it was necessary to go to the South.

Now apricot trees grow practically in any area of Ukraine. In gardens, villages, in the cities. Apricots even on coast of the rivers and in the small woods meet. Apparently, vacationers or tourists regaled on abrikoska, throwing out stones. Here also apricot trees grew.

Therefore so wants to experiment with new tastes of apricot jam. Just there is no wish to believe that in the winter taste of these remarkable fruits will be inaccessible.

Apricot jam always turns out different. Even if to cook according to the same recipe, the jam cooked at different times will differ to taste. Because in the course of jam making there are no trifles, everything is important. And from that to stir slowly with a spoon or a wooden shovel, taste of jam changes. And from that, jam half an hour or thirty five minutes cooks.

But is the universal recipes guaranteeing that, irrespective of nuances, jam will turn out tasty.

Here one of such recipes.

For preparation of jam needs to collect immature fruits, without specks and damages. To wash out carefully. It is better to wash out under flowing water. If in a pan or a bowl then to change water not less than four times. To allow to flow down to water. Having placed apricots on a colander or a pure dry towel. Then to remove fruit stems. To cut apricots in half and to take out stones. to lay out

of the Half of apricots in the enameled pan pulp up. On each of apricot halves to pour out a sugar teaspoon. On one kilogram of apricots it is necessary one kilogram of sugar.

the Sugared apricots to sustain two days in the cool place. During this time from apricot halves juice has to be emitted, and apricot weight has to be condensed. to put

Then a pan on silent fire and, carefully stirring slowly with a spoon or a shovel apricots and not dissolved sugar, to cook forty minutes. It is timed since that moment when boiling begins. The skin which turns out during cooking should be removed accurately. In general, this skin excellent dessert. But in the banks which are rolled up for the winter it is not necessary at all.

prepares jam So far, to wash up and sterilize banks for rolling of jam and metal covers.

Is hotter jam to package in the prepared banks. To roll up banks covers. To check tightness of obstruction, having carefully turned bank a cover down.

Remarkably tasty apricot jam is ready!

Should be remembered only that such jam should be eaten in the small portions. It is ideal to eat jam, replacing with it a day portion of sugar or honey.

Then the apricot jam cooked according to this remarkable ancient recipe will bring both joy, and advantage.