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The World Cup in Kazan 2015 or as it is stupid.

V to this article I want to talk to you about the World Cup and that it is full hernya.

I want to talk about the World Cup in water sports of shopping mall I a board carrying out this shnyaga played it our government why yes therefore why it is necessary to us to lift the reytin on the world scene, and further that nothing. Well it is fine, the World Cup we will win it percent of 100% why yes therefore, we did not lose not one Olympic Games or the World Cup only on the to the earth our athletes can show normal results on my shopping mall to proyebat the World Cup moreover on the earth it will be just comparable with a doomsday the Internet will just blow up from a negative and rough responses that these kosoruky not that cannot even float our state again will appear and a bum and then is asked why we fucked up so much money what that the country in a full bum and Mutko declared will be to lose it well very abruptly and so at us is that spent money to return and even in a bigger size A if is not present then ours of the minister of sport byrenko will bend and waves with the handle. Now we will talk about ours super athletes and that they you tell and as they the main force on which depends as will pass the Olympic Games as Russia to a bum or nevertheless will prove to be the person. Comfort level for foreign delegations not at the vyshy level long waiting list for settling some numbers were dirty. That the most important is not so what the level of safety I would expect to see it thick politsa it is just the business card of a rashka zhuzhashchy UAVs same simply a tupizna to crack this miracle by means of the laptop and the good Internet of times 2 and spat and shopping malls UAVs are coherent it is possible to receive an inofrmation and the picture from all Kazan and to look the manager all situation, and it is possible even to startle our law enforcement agencies a little bit. Moreover it is interesting why the specialist of service do not provide maintenance of our stars and if someone wants to make attempt on take yes urine. I hope my analyses of mistakes will see and will eliminate and generally my relation does not change to the World Cup in Kazan of shopping mall I consider it as utter nonsense money laundering officials do not know as if from the people that kopek any more to collect superfluous so here think.