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What plans of the parties and a ratio of forces on the Kursk arch were?

On on sovetsko - the German front in April - June, 1942 the calm was established. Germany prepared for carrying out the operation “Citadel“, but could not reach superiority over Red Army neither in people, nor in arms. In addition to the Voronezh and Central fronts our Rate of General headquarters created the Steppe front.

A. M. Vasilevsky writes that in April, 1943 “The red Army, having temporarily passed to defense, reserved an initiative. On sovetsko - the German front there came the spring calm. Only in Kuban the hardened battles for a domination gain in air continued. In the center, around Kursk, the peculiar arch turned towards the opponent was formed. From the North over it the Oryol ledge which was in the opponent`s hands hung. From the South the front line lasted approximately on the Belgorod parallel. And the western end of an arch went slightly to the east of Sevsk, Rylsk and the city of Sumy. In a huge arch and near it there were in intense expectation our ten general, two tank and two air armies of the Central and Voronezh fronts.

The strategic pause within April - June, 1943 was used by both belligerent parties for development of new strategic decisions and preparation for summer active actions“.

K. K. Rokossovsky ordered the troops of the Central front which are in northern part of an arch at the Oryol ledge, and ordered the troops of the Voronezh front located in the southern part of an arch from Belgorod, N. F. Vatutin.

Two of our fronts from three parties surrounded with the German troops which were in the Eagle Belgorod, and Kharkiv a arrangement attracted Germans to strike blow to these fronts.

The German command made the decision in counter blow of the parties from the North and the South in the general direction to Kursk to surround and destroy the Soviet troops located in the Kursk arch. The plan was simple and real. For an environment of huge group of the Soviet troops Hitlerites needed to pass rather small distance on a straight line.

Operation received the name “Citadel“. For its implementation a large number of the German troops of group of Yug armies under Manstein`s command to the north of Kharkiv and group of Centre armies under command the general - the colonel Klyuge to the south of the Eagle concentrated. Having destroyed troops 2 - x the specified our fronts, Germans assumed to strike to Hugo`s back - the Western front (to perform the operation “Panther“) and, eventually, to win not only fight near Kursk, but also all war.

For operation implementation the opponent should have broken through our defense, and for defense break Germans needed new samples of military equipment against which defense of armies of the Voronezh and Central fronts could not resist. As such equipment Germans chose heavy tanks “tigers“ and “panther“, and also the self-propelled artillery ferdinand installation, the planes “Heynkel - 129“, “Fokke - Woolf - 190A“.

The German command was sure of creation of necessary quantity of armored machinery and planes as, using the industry of all Europe, Germany managed to increase in comparison with 1942 production of tanks twice, and planes - by 1,7 times. It seemed to Hitler that there is no force which could resist against armada of the latest heavy machinery capable to break any obstacle in the way.

But problems at the German command were, and not only in restoration of the armored troops crushed by the Soviet troops. The main problem of fascist command consisted in completion of losses in people. Too much fascists killed troops of valorous Red Army. It is a lot of that the government of nazi Germany made the decision and carried out in 1943 in the country total mobilization, having called up for military service even 50 - ti summer men.

And 1943 was only the beginning of mass destruction in fights German - fascist aggressors. But today hammered opinion on allegedly insignificant losses of Germany and huge losses of the Soviet Union in the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945 into the heads of our deceived Russians of mass media.

Losses of troops of Germany were so big that to summer of 1943, despite total mobilization, Germany could not bring the number of the troops on East front to the level of spring - falls of 1942 which at that time made about 6,2 million people and on 1,1 million people exceeded the number of troops of Red Army. The number of the troops on East front Germany could bring to 4,8 million Besides, 525 thousand people contained troops of satellites of Germany.

The USSR had no such losses, and to summer of 1943 as a part of our field army there were 6,6 million people. For the first time for all war the number of the Soviet troops exceeded the number of troops of the opponent.

The red Army was armed with 105 thousand tools and mortars, about 2200 fighting installations of jet artillery, 10,2 thousand tanks and SAU, over 10,2 thousand warplanes.

the Opponent had 54,3 thousand tools and mortars, 5 thousand 850 tanks and assault tools, 2980 warplanes.

Call to me such country which could evacuate 1673 large industrial enterprises in the conditions of war and let out military production more Europe with the population more than 300 million people. Call to me such country which could bear blow of the German hordes and take the offensive. Such country was unique in all the huge world. Other such country was not and, probably, will never be. The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) or as it was called still, the Soviet Union was such country. That Russia which in 1991 we lost.

Apparently, the Soviet Union had to summer of 1943 almost twice more opponent of tanks and assault tools, and also tools and mortars, more than three times warplanes.

“Average annual production of tanks and self-propelled installations in the USSR was almost twice more, than in Germany, is 4 times more, than in England; tools - are 6,3 times more, than in Germany, is 1,5 times more, than in the USA, and 5,3 times more, than in England; planes - are 1,7 times more, than in Germany, and 1,5 times more, than in England. All this, eventually, also created material prerequisites for a great victory of the Russian people over the German aggressors“, - O. A. Platonov writes.

And slanderers of Russia write that allegedly we won war thanks to the help of the USA and England. No, we won war thanks to the fact that we in production of the weapon much more surpassed the countries of the West.

did not know the German command about our superiority in arms and number of troops and could not even assume that ordinary people are capable of such achievements.

To fall of 1942 Russians surpassed Germans in production of all types of arms. At such number of the weapon in the Soviet troops and the increased degree of the organization of our troops the opponent had no chances of success.

But we too then did not know about the significant superiority over Germany in arms, and the Supreme Commander I. V. Stalin, choosing between approach and defense, very much was afraid that Germans will be able to break through our defense. He chose deliberate defense, having organized strengthening of positions of our troops at the highest level of engineering and military sciences.

From East side behind the Voronezh and Central Rate fronts arranged reserve armies which represented the full-fledged front and further were united in the Steppe front under command of the remarkable commander I. S. Konev who was transferred from a position of the commander Severo - the Western front. As a result the first two fronts from three parties surrounded with the German troops from the fourth party felt an elbow of companions, the Soviet troops of the Steppe front.

In the history of wars there were no cases when such powerful strategic reserves united by uniform front command would be created. For the first time applied such form of the organization of reserves our Rate of General headquarters.

I. V. Stalin addressed I. S. Konev such words: “The steppe front has to play an important role in counterattack … The opponent, probably, will create very strong groups to cut off the Kursk ledge. Your front, having settled down behind the Central and Voronezh fronts, has to be in readiness if the opponent breaks, to reflect his blows and not to allow development of break in east direction, both on Oryol, and on the Belgorod direction. Therefore the strip occupied by the front should be prepared well in the defensive relation, and in the back, on the rivers Voronezh and Don, to prepare the state line of defense“.

Behind the Steppe front not the empty space, but formidable barriers and large army barriers of the Soviet armies because in the back from the front the state line of defense prepared settled down too.

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