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How to make tasty apricot jam

It seems that to make apricot jam as easy as shelling pears. But actually. there are some secrets. They pass from father to son. Those to whom these secrets are familiar cook the most tasty apricot jam

Apricots - very tasty and useful fruits. In these solar color fruits is available whole kompkleks vitamins and minerals. Caloric content of apricots is absolutely small, but they perfectly satisfy feeling of hunger, thanks to the fact that in apricots there is a lot of cellulose. Apricots are useful at an anemia, at heart diseases, at cough. Apricots are applied in traditional medicine to normalization of digestion and as a febrifuge. Apricots and to healthy people are useful.

In July when there is a lot of these fruits, is a high time to enjoy taste of apricots and to do apricot jam. In the winter there is a wish to enjoy taste of apricots too. And for prevention of catarrhal diseases the jar of apricot jam, along with a jar of crimson, will be very opportunely.

Preparation of apricot jam is not only work, but also pleasure. Incomparable apricot aroma, a tasty skin - such pleasures are familiar to everyone who at least cooked once apricot jam. And the jam spoon added to porridge will make a breakfast many times more tasty. Also sandwiches with a thin butter layer and apricot jam are very tasty.

But in order that jam turned out qualitative, it is necessary to carry out a number of simple rules.

Preparation of jam begins with collecting fruits. Apricots for jam have to be slightly immature, firm. Without specks and damages, it should be checked especially diligently. Even one dark speck can change taste of apricot jam to the worst.

Fruits needs to be washed out carefully under flowing water. Then to lay out on a colander or a pure towel. After that to remove stones. to Prepare for

saakharny syrup. For this purpose to boil one and a half glasses of water with one kilogram of sugar. the apricots Cleared and cut in half to lay out

in the enameled pan. To fill in apricots with the boiling sugar syrup. To leave for four hours.

after that to begin to cook jam. To boil apricots thirty minutes and to put to be cooled. It is important to cover a pan or a bowl with jam or pure linen fabric. If fabric for this purpose is chosen, it is very important that it was flavourless laundry detergent or soap. Because even fruit aroma of soap can spoil flavoring scale of apricot jam at all. jam to boil

In twelve hours on slow fire thirty again - forty minutes.

Then again to allow jam to stand twelve hours.

In twelve hours to boil jam thirty again - forty minutes.

needs to sterilize Banks for jam not less than five minutes. For sterilization of metal covers one minute suffices. Banks have to be washed carefully up before sterilization.

Ready is hotter jam to spread out on banks and to cork with the prepared covers.

of Proveriit tightness of the corked cans is possible, having turned jars of jam covers down. If bank it is corked rather well, it remains dry and pure at a turning.

the Cooled jam remarkably is stored even at the room temperature. It is also possible to store banks with apricot jam in a cellar or the refrigerator.