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The you can flow of young

Stop at a friend`s home, space to build a beautiful and pleasing to the eye, Sylvia lovesickness bitter, fou bone pain. The net love is actually a Plato, elephants are paper, people often take good care of yourself, is light dancing sleeves, aloes, such as beads, also is because you feel lonely, need someone escort, run into your favorite characters, so, read each other. But sometimes you reneex should learn to step, even if you are the white fox one thousand unreal, all broken ribs, your scholar may be lit red candle for others. Even when you are unbearable, lonely heart will go on the road. Even if you are educated wit, respond and your goddess may have lost before someone else`s porch.

Red light, please learn to solo dance, dance do GongYuShu wu, sleeve of smoke.

The concentration of the scenery I have ever seen numerous, kanas, such as ribbon dance mountains, blue days jealous, I have seen wild elephant valley, original great trees; I have been to treasure mountain lake, forget the way home in the ding dong; I`ve been to jade dragon snow mountain, in the one meter sunshine heard music, and the order of the phoenix ancient town jade haze. Go one place, and sigh. Good scenery, but will be in the mountains without pollution, hill 渋 water such as pilgrims. Sooner or later you will find my way back home, plane, you will feel wet. With a sigh! Or home soil! One day on the buildings in the country, in the distance a blooming lotus pool, solo dance in the wind, setting sun exceptionally conceit, marrow is reneex beautiful. Around the desert, not QuYuan prescribed by ritual law, not to admire the guest. I am just one person amazing decoupling the depths of the flower. How good the scenery, you picked out, or to retain, on his casual place.

Network for many people in satori, want to ask one to Harbin to be alone. I believe in human nature, Buddha the most cruel, threw his wife abandoned child home not to live, to see 15 Wan Yuanxiang a column today, celebrating a lie. Believe my eyes, only to go its own way, I am the Buddha, not begging alms, for, as, for yan, sit... Solo in the life on the road

Walk river`s lake, little square reading, heart no dross to the place. All the way to harvest the blessings of the friends. You can be in purple heartbroken, taste a lonely little boy. Text through the fine plain reneex, bolt, line hot have poise. Can read people cry of the poetry. That is they have a temperature, cold fish could not write a moving space. In certain circumstances, indifference with evil is but a step.

Affective lotus bloom remember friends, they will say “elder sister, I hold your hand in my life“. The tourist come and say “hello“ before “younger sister, come back again to get along with. Both music and pictures there is a problem, friends have come forward to enthusiastic help. Some friends said a words, always have their care message board. Mother`s day I received the blessing, xian xian instant tears blurred. Long received son again before bed, look at how happy I am!

There is no royal road to life, how how comfortable. Take a look at childhood partners, heavy reservoir for a marriage. The former classmates, has been AiMo on the funeral. Next - door neighbor five million just bought a boat, it backfires, too late to leave a will! Friends, please remember, peace is a blessing!