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How people live in China?

In China the best candies - from sweet meat. And the most tasty dish meat with taste of fish is considered. They eat frogs, worms and a toadstool. Will squeeze the child of “the white person“ until a stick you drive away. Consider that to touch “white“ - for luck...

There it is necessary to get used to live in crowd. But not in chaotic, and in very even ordered. Amicably, small ranks one million wide - for work. If by car, then in a stopper. And not on the brisk road, as at us, and at once. At an entrance. You want to leave from the parking? In turn!

It is worth descending in the Chinese restaurants. Not in cozy, pure, comfortable. And at times in not well-groomed, crowded, with the glasses which misted over from incessant cooking, with turns which begin on the street. Because there is one rule Chinese: you see how long before an entrance people on stools and stools waiting sit - know, cook here well! You want to derive pleasure - sit down also you. Also there will be a pleasure to a hungry stomach when your turn comes. And be afraid of pure, deserted, not brisk quiet and even comfortable places. There are no people - there is nothing to do there.

And if you not what there a fake, plan day wanted tea of the tasty present Chinese to buy, it is not less! Because tea institutions - the whole streets and that offered drink decent, has to test the first, tasteless, calculated on the simpleton and to tell that this hay profanes your gentle mouth. However, it is necessary to tell it so that nothing concrete, but all understood. Also you want more flower or distinguished and it is obligatory with a shade hemp begun to rot. But that saturated, real.

But will not give you the most valuable tea even from the second time. Because the real judges on the second taste do not calm down. Only by the end of a tea ceremony the seller who saw in you the gourmet demanding thin half tones will get from - under floors something such. And, about a miracle! At last will offer the drink of Gods with aroma of the first morning dew which dropped out in the Alpine mountains during full blossoming and possessing taste of overripe cherry with impurity hemp of rotten. And it will be your nirvana.

However to understand the real tea, time should spend much. And to drink much. To learn to hear taste dance. To understand its tones and half tones. To see a form of tea leaves and to distinguish a harvest of this year from the past. And it for you has to become important. On the way you will learn to sift slyness of feigned dealers who strive what more simply and more expensively to palm off, but at the same time sincerely respect the real judges.

Chinese are masters of packings. They know, than to take the inexperienced buyer. If your eye lit up on a brilliant ribbon - it will surely provoke each respectable Chinese to palm off marriage. And upas you God publicly to accuse the seller of not respectability! There is no happiness to that person that dared to offend reputation of the toiler Chinese. Depart away better and whisper to this kind person that everything was seen by you and it very much does not suit you. It, smiling, will agree, will be called to you the friend eternal and, maybe, will sell a thing good. And you check.

They from - under sticks work. Without quotes. Ten women in the yard touch rice. Slightly the managing director will distract - nobody does anything. Hryas a stick on hands - all for work. Everything is normal, process goes.

There we have no nature as. Also there are no animals - for obvious reasons. There different dialects, sometimes with opposite word meanings - and in each settlement in own way. You think that you know Chinese? The Chinese will smile.

They have no needlework. Everyone has to go about the own business. And in free time they sing songs, dance, play sports. And all this together, collectively, in parks, in the yards and just on streets.

They know how it is necessary to meet New year! Inventors of gunpowder run the show. On the eve of a remarkable holiday, but not earlier than before two weeks, streets are full sellers of feyeverok. But it is not flying whistles that at us. These are atomic bombs from which the night sky turns into dazzling glow. Any Chinese respecting himself considers a duty in holidays to roll out from the house a such box from - under old the Soviet TV. And when it in it lights, you understand that our salute for May 9 - the pathetic slobbers which are alone soaring in the peace sky. And at it, at the real Chinese, from a box the fiery dragon takes off. And such dragons - millions. The other day burned the brand new high-rise building. Well … so it turned out.

In China there is no free medicine. And if you got sick, if you please at first in cash desk. You will wait in line in 10 000 people, you will pay - and in the following window. To take line to the doctor. In the hall of a medical institution tens of such windows. In everyone - thousand turns. But everything occurs very quickly. Maximum automation and simplification of each process!

Do not wait for that intimacy that at us in an office at the doctor. The door is open, there is no screen, all look at you under a magnifying glass and think whether it is similar that at them. The doctor asks about symptoms, the computer issues the answer. In total quickly and simply! Analyses undertake automatically. On everyone - 30 seconds, time went. On a dropper - as in a waiting room at the station. Places as much, all sedentary. Needles are stuck instantly - all as on a stream in production. Any to you individual approach. Absolutely.

Probably, this strong test for the person - to be faceless, mislaid among many millions of persons. Life in China is depreciated. China - the progressive state delivering the latest developments and drugs to the world of people. They do not spend time for experiences over mice. They have free, more perfect material - living people. And children - not an exception.

If in a family the second, third and following child is born, he will not be found time to be named. Parents will tell: let their names are “second“, “third“ … These will have no passport and the civil rights. Because are born beyond the law. And there is nothing to lose - they had nothing. So there is life in anywhere.

For now children small, can chain them - that were not stirred. Animals are supported seldom. Better they would not be held at all. Absolutely in the nature of things, when the big dog lives in a cage. And not as at us in a zoo - in the spacious open-air cage. And in the small, holding-down all movements brutal cage. Once to the yard removed to take a walk a manual hare. Neighbour`s children were smothered with caresses to death …

What feelings visit the people living in such conditions? Whether it is possible to become human, kind, merciful? When they have wars, you understand that acts of Hitlerites - real overindulgence. These people cannot show aggression. All smile. All be touched. The world is kind and beautiful! On this planet there is no so much pleasure and smiles anywhere! And our gloomy faces cast sad melancholy when you arrived from China …