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How to provide Earth with energy?

the Japanese construction corporation “Shimitsu“ (Shimizu) - one of leaders architecturally - civil engineering firms of Japan with annual sales volume in fifteen billion dollars. The company called in honor of the founder proposes the unusual solution which for a long time will fix all power problems of the country, and it is possible, and the whole world. She intends to receive energy of “Shimitsu“, having created a huge belt from solar panels around the equator of the Moon.

The company which is based in Tokyo declared that its lunar concept of production of solar energy lays a way to almost inexhaustible and environmentally friendly power source. In spite of the fact that the cost of the project is not published yet, “Shimitsa“ is ready to start its implementation in 2035 if finds a source of “adequate financing“.

As the lunar equator receives stable quantity of solar energy, the corporation suggests to construct huge power plant on the Moon and to transform light to electricity by means of the solar batteries installed on the equator. On a cable network the electric power will be transferred to the party turned to our planet, then to be transformed to microwave and laser radiation for transfer to Earth by means of huge antennas with a diameter of 20 km. The network of terrestrial stations, in turn, will be built for transformation of microwaves to an electricity form, more suitable for use.

“The electric power generated by a belt of solar panels around the lunar equator will be transferred to Earth from the near party of the Moon always turned to Earth“, - reports the website “Shimitsu“.

According to experts of corporation, the huge solar belt which length can make up to 400 kilometers will be deprived of weather dependence to which solar converters on Earth are subject. The complex will be able to deliver on our planet a net energy all the year round regardless of vagaries of the weather or time of day.

In the process of construction of a solar belt on the Moon the huge number of solar panels and other materials will be required. Therefore the Japanese corporation offers as it is possible to use lunar resources more widely. In particular, her experts consider that they could receive water from lunar soil, using the hydrogen delivered from Earth. Lunar soil in total with a solar heat is also planned to be used for production of cement, concrete, bricks, fiber glass and other materials.

Robots have to play a key role in construction of objects of a belt, the company reports. The clever cars operated from Earth are planned to be assembled in an orbit. Maintenance of operability of robots after disembarkation to the Moon will require team of astronauts.

After the tragic earthquake and a tsunami in March, 2011 which caused the largest nuclear catastrophe after Chernobyl - destruction of the NPP Fukushima, Japan was forced to close the nuclear reactors. They were the power source satisfying 30% of needs of the country. Before accident Japanese planned to bring a share of the NPP in a power portfolio to 40% by 2017.

Closing of nuclear power plants caused splash in attention to alternative energy sources as to reliable and pure replacement of the lost capacities. The Shimitsu offer seems exotic today, but the public opposing the risks connected with repeated discovery of objects of nuclear power takes a keen interest to it.