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Mogushchnik and his sister. What are they famous for?

Are in family rozotsvetny a sort which representatives do not differ in the sizes and showiness of blossoming, but here are valid notable. Not without reason Ilya Muromets before decisive battle with Solovyyom - the robber dropped to the earth crude where a lot of mogushchnik grew, inhaled power of his roots and went to fight. According to other legend, near a spring from which water of life for Ruslan`s rescue was taken this plant grew.

A silverweed - one of the largest childbirth of family Rozotsvetnykh. It contains about 180 types which are generally growing in midlatitudes. The name of a sort comes from the Latin word potents - strong, powerful. Characteristic representatives of this sort are a silverweed upright (Kalgan - a grass, a mogushchnik, uzik, Dubrovka, a sheptukha) and a silverweed goose.

Among silverweeds Kalgan is a grass has the most modest appearance. As the legend says, once this imperceptible grass addressed the magician with such words: “My sisters for the fact that I have neither silvery dress, nor large beautiful flowers sneer over me. And petals at me four, and all my sisters have on five“. The magician answered it: “Do not mourn. Though the look at you is unsightly, and the thin small stalk is a little noticeable in a grass, people for that great benefit which you will bring them will only look for you“.

Really, in traditional medicine for a long time the mogushchnik found broad application. And he took strong positions in official medicine. Broth of roots is recommended for treatment of inflammatory diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, the grass is a part of gastric collecting.

Mikhail Troitsky wrote such words about this remarkable plant:

Kalgan - a plant simple, it poets do not sing

O, its

, on the intersection standing,

Bouquets do not sell. .

... It is forgotten, and to us what business - Praise to Kalgan I will uplift


Flowers at all silverweeds yellow. And only one, a silverweed white, has white color. Its gentle five-petal florets are similar to wild strawberry flowers. A silverweed white - a rare, disappearing plant, not each botanist saw it personally. In the people for a characteristic form of leaves it is called pyatipat, a pyatipalnik, a five-ring, and also Dubrovka white.

The silverweed white is unpretentious to soils: grows both on dry, and on the damp lands poor in nutrients, sandy and clay. Prefers the light woods, coppices, meadows. Since the end of the 19th century became a rare plant from - for deforestation and intensifications of agriculture.

In some places the silverweed white is included in regional Red Lists, for example, in the Red List of Belarus, in the Red List Moscow, Ryazan, Smolensk and other regions of Russia.

The silverweed white is famous for the abilities to restore function of a thyroid gland that is today of great value. It is no secret that owing to activity of people, the ecological situation of Earth sharply suffered that caused growth of diseases of a thyroid gland - important body of a human body.

There are data that in Belarusian Polesia where often use infusion of a silverweed white as tea, less diseases of a thyroid gland, than in other regions, victims of the Chernobyl accident are recorded.

In traditional medicine for treatment of a thyroid gland the root of a silverweed white is used since the 18th century. The elevated part does not possess tireotropny activity. The root is prepared on 3 - 4 by plant lives, during this period concentration of an albinin, active ingredient, maximum.

The silverweed white also well influences a condition of blood vessels, improves work of a cardiac muscle, normalizes the arterial pressure and level of cholesterol, improves composition of blood and work zheludochno - an intestinal path, a liver, removes radionuclides.

It is recommended to use a silverweed white after consultation with the attending physician . And also it is necessary to remember that it is contraindicated to the people having hypotonia. And here the silverweed upright - on the contrary, raises a blood pressure.

From - for small stocks in the nature the silverweed white was not widely used in scientific medicine. However in recent years it began to be cultivated and used: for example, the preparation “Alba“ is issued, in a stage of clinical trial there is a preparation “Endonorm“.

The silverweed white with success can be grown up in gardens and kitchen gardens. It is unpretentious to soils and humidity, transfers frosts to 40 degrees. Seed reproduction is not widespread - slowly grows, roots can be used only ten years later after crops.

The most productive way of reproduction - vegetative at which of one - two plants in 2 - 3 it is possible to receive the whole bed.

Part a silverweed white in a garden, and it will be a good gift for your descendants.