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How to the woman not to lose itself from - for the man?

Very often women lose the head and themselves together with it, falling in love with some man, throwing him under legs and itself, and the whole world. Men, as a rule, do not appreciate it, and such victims from the woman most often are vain. For the woman it is important to love and appreciate first of all himself. About it there is also a speech in article.

As many women in the modern world suffer from - for men. From - for their absence or even presence, but not those... As many women would like to be happy, but cannot be those because by the reason of the happiness do the man, giving it the right to direct the mood. But whether it is right?

The set of real stories proves to us that it is not present. What it is impossible to do the man by the center of the Universe, giving it the right to dispose of the life, adapting to it, losing itself, the core, as they say: “To lose the man is not the most terrible … The most terrible, from - for it to lose itself“ …

any woman on the first place nevertheless has to have her. Without love to himself, without self-esteem it is impossible to receive sincere and true love from other person. Everything begins with the attitude towards itself. When the woman is capable to make herself happy when she and without man is in good mood, in a positive when she is capable to care for herself, to indulge itself then men reach for it then they have a desire to make it happy.

But losing itself, being completely dissolved in the man, the woman stops being desired. At the man hunting to win it, to be proud of it and to admire vanishes. Therefore it is very important to remain to each woman itself, to love, to appreciate and respect itself, to remember that the man - not the center of the Universe, not the sun without which there will come eternal darkness.

In order that to the woman to keep the identity, the internal state of happiness, it is necessary to keep a circle of the friends and girlfriends. To meet them periodically, to communicate, without steeping in family life. It is desirable to have the hobby, the business which too you should not throw, giving all the free time to the man. And the most important, in the absence of darling you should not remind him of yourself each hour, to call or write SMS; you should not exhaust yourself jealousy, doubts, guesses if he is late or answers your call not immediately. You remember always the and others personal space, the right of each person to have a rest from communication, to stay alone with themselves, to relax.

When put on a lead the man, he automatically tries to get rid of it. Each of us is free in itself, nobody belongs to us, other person - not our property, he is not obliged to do everything as we want, not obliged to meet our expectations entirely.

If there are conflicts and disagreements - it is good, as the great wise man Osho told: “Any relations cannot reach the level at which there will be no problems. If you see the relations in which there are no problems, it means that there are no relations any more“. The main thing to discuss the arisen problems, to be able to speak and agree. The mistake of many women is that they, being afraid of loneliness or divorce, begin to close eyes to a lot of things, to adapt, to silently swallow of offenses. It cannot be done at all. Any man does not cost to lose from - for him own advantage and self-esteem.

One more important point - trust to the man. If you love yourself, trust yourself and the world, then learn to trust also the man, in vain without winding themselves. What has to occur - will occur, and that person who really yours - will not leave. Therefore be not afraid to lose and safely release those who leave your life. All changes to the best!