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Finland today. What there can surprise?

Finns and Russians are closer to each other, than we sometimes think. If, for example, to take the Russian North, then we have with them one landscape, one line of the horizon, one climate. History and the nature connected us forever. And nevertheless Finns have all bases today to feel advantage before us in the standard of work and culture of life.

In life they are pragmatic and prudent, but they have both “Kalevala“, and Alexis Kivi, and Simberg, and Sibelius. And at this high cultural level we will be able to understand each other today. And before it it is possible to specify what in surprises us in the Finnish way of life.

Many Finns speak in English. It is possible to approach with a question the passerby on the street, to the seller in shop, and they will join in conversation in English; thus, the Russian knowing the “international“ language almost for certain will get information support in Finland. Without fail police officers, officials (not only migratory service, but also a different profile - in municipalities), librarians, certainly, teachers, etc.

line, Characteristic of Finns, - honesty know English. With Finns it is better not to “wriggle“, and having relied on favor of god, to answer frankly: if you partially ate products from a bag which cannot be opened in the territory of the European Union, then it is not necessary to address for return of a tax; if missed lecture, then better to say as was - visited therefore could not get up early to come to occupations. Once the opened lie can forever spoil reputation.

About guests special conversation. In Russia at birthday the special attention is traditionally paid to the birthday man, other style seems indecent. Our northern neighbors, as, however, it is accepted across all Europe, can conduct local conversations by groups (small groups) in the different ends of the house, without allocating especially owners and (or) the birthday man. Besides, here it is accepted not only to bring alcohol with itself, but to drink that brought. It not from - for fear of others to get poisoned. It is considered that guests come with the alcohol because owners do not consider it necessary to provide to them invited for the financial reasons.

Snack put the simplest: the crude, wiped carrots, chips, potatoes in a uniform (the “Finnish“ argument that the known dish in such look is useful for health, Russians quite understand). If you out of any holiday were treated with meat, in any its kind, you can fairly consider yourself as the electee. By the way, on a visit (in understanding home, to each other) Finns go considerably less than many of us in Russia even in present time; prefer to meet in the neutral territory, in cafe. It also corresponds to the European style of communication.

Besides, appearance for Finns not the most important in spite of the fact that in world knowledge such concepts and definitions as “the Finnish fashionable style“ and “the Finnish design“ already became stronger. The famous architect Alvar Aalto created a vase Sava nearly 80 years ago; it is the identifier of its style also today. The things created by own hands are highly appreciated. It is accepted to give and send self-made cards: such card made with own hands symbolizes double attention by presented.

Specific (according to Russian) the attitude towards health is shown that on the weekend the Finn can drink a lot of alcohol, and before it during a week actively plays sports, rides a bicycle, plays golf, a lapta, is engaged in jogging, swims in the pool and outdoors.

In general Finns struck me with the attitude towards Russia. It is ambiguous. Besides, the attitude towards Russia should be separated from the attitude towards specific Russians because it … a miscellaneous. In border provinces I was acquainted with Finns who never were in our country and do not consider it important. “Nothing interesting in Russia can be seen“, - their reasonable position. Other citizens of the country of Suomi consider that Russia will stand, despite everything, and will change.

In life Finns are also unpretentious, as well as in clothes. Nevertheless in the pool, in student`s hotel, certainly, at dachas and even in small one-room apartments there is a bathroom with a sauna. My friend Veykko Kukkonen managed to construct a small sauna even in an old phone booth which in an old case to him was given by municipality.

Pride of the country and its national heroes can be seen everywhere: at birthday of the ancestor of domestic literature Alexis Kivi (it is esteemed, as Pushkin`s Russians) in the cities and rural lands (including in the yards of apartment houses) on flagstaffs hang out national flags. On contrast it is still difficult to imagine the flags of Russia which are hung out at us at birthday of Alexander Pushkin. But young people say that they would not like to live in Finland, prefer to work in other countries, big cities.

The average Finnish family consists of two adults and two children today. Their respect for domestic and wild animals, for the nature in general is interesting: for example, owners get two dogs at once and prove it by the fact that dogs miss alone. In Russia such situation (with dogs), probably, can be understood only among professional manufacturers or owners of nurseries.

Well the law on environment protection, as well as other laws works; here their action not nominally. In this country unusual also the combination of technical equipment of citizens to the woods and lakes surrounding them seems. Perhaps, therefore in the cities near apartment houses, almost like cats, hares run. Here they are called wild rabbits. Comparison with other country comes back to memory: in Canada on streets of some cities it is possible to see black squirrels. Such attitude towards animals as to equal, speaks about much.

Communication of Finns among themselves in not a smaller measure is surprising for the Russian. Here do not tell about the private life, parents, friends. It is considered norm if the student (in free time) goes to clean up the house to the parents and to wash the dishes for in advance stipulated payment. Though the Finnish pragmatism is expressed not only in this example. From - for the fact that our northern neighbors often are silent and differently express emotions, the wrong impression about their isolation and reserve as to mental line is made. But the Russian should most exorcise, show attention, interest, and the Finn changes, becomes very good, and, above all, the correct interlocutor.

Thus, the practical knowledge offered in article can be applied to advantage of business. In my practice there were such cases when I got lost in search of the sights hidden in the Finnish landscape at some distance from roads, and the Finnish family occupied with the houseworks without any request for my part got into the car and showed the way to me to the necessary object. This systematic phenomenon. It should be noted that young Finns (as well as in all countries - youth) are even more sociable. Nevertheless for all age it is considered a bad form to complain of difficulties of life, here say that each person has equal opportunities. It, by the way, very noticeable actually.

Certainly, vsyak is surprised individually. And in Finland there is a lot more surprising, what we gradually open together, increasing knowledge of the country and the people.