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To be or not to be? Restart of the well-known franchize “Zena - the Queen Voinov“

Quite recently a backwater zenavers, concerned occasionally only by conventions and participation of favourite actors in new and sign projects, was stirred up by a serious storm. At once a little enough large the Internet - editions among which Hollywoodreporter, TV Line and Variety, reported about the planned restart of show on NBC channel.

In renewal of shootings of old series and attempt to rethink habitual franchizes there is nothing surprising now. It to you will be confirmed by admirers of comics who only in recent years saw several screen versions of the Superman, Batman and Hulk, and will not forget that for 2017 it is planned next, already the third, reset of the franchize “Spider-Man“. Also we expect shortly display renewal of “Confidential materials“, “the Px Twin“, “Fuller`s Houses“ and even “Ominous dead persons“. Therefore Zena`s admirers published a victorious call which they prepared long 14 years, and were adjusted already was to discuss the future details of the updated series on social networks, catching rumors and rare photos from a shooting stage. All pleasure of zenayt in a flash was crossed out by a tweet from Lucie Louless in which she unambiguously hinted that for the present early to shake off dust from hope for revival of series.

However it did not stop a news flow. Later in the evening some more articles on Entertaiment Weekly appeared . So let`s understand together that it was - the next duck or new hope and whether to us it is worth waiting for return to the woman`s screens with shakramy?

We will begin with the fact that Lucie would be one of the first who learned about revival of series. And business even not that she played a major role in the original version and was one of the main reasons why the series became legendary and held on on screens so much time. Eventually, we will be frank, it is not the first case when do not even report to former actors about the preparing reset. For example, the same NBC did not warn the mnogikhakter playing in series “Heroes“ (2006 - 2010) that their shows are going to renew in any way. But it is connected by certain matrimonial communications with Robert Tapert who, so left, is a producer of ZKV and one of owners. It is doubtful that it would hold it unknown to the spouse, having intentionally sent her to a shooting stage of “Ominous dead persons“ on Sam Ramey and Bruce Campbell`s worry. But whether there can be it, as Rob Tapert did not know about the preparing continuation of series? It seems nonsense and absurdity, but not everything is so simple in a jungle of Hollywood.

After all this stream of rumors, articles and tweets sources in NBC all - confirmed that they would like to restart ZKV in the next television season and, whenever possible, to connect both Lucie, and Rob Tapert and Sam Ramey to this project. Also all this depends on many factors, such as good screenwriters and settling of questions with owners.

We can cast away a question with screenwriters frankly aside as not especially important. Not only that many sign authors of ZKV are especially not overloaded at present with work, and it is enough just good screenwriters in Hollywood. And, frankly speaking, many episodes of ZKV did not demand any philosophical implication, and just good humour and perfectly put battles, and some so in general, appear, were written by the drunk child. Therefore it is doubtful that to possible continuation “Zena - Queens Voinov“ will look for the owner of an award of Guild of Screenwriters of the USA.

And here the second problem become serious. Complexity with owners forced Tapert to refuse the film version of ZKV right after the end of series, here everything is confused, as in the Latin American soap opera. In a case with ZKV there are two categories of owners: those who own the rights for the heroine, and those who own the rights for actually series, that is for all events which happened to the heroine.

Robert Tapert and John Shulian belong to the first category. And if to agree with Robert will not make special problems especially as he repeatedly stated interest throughout series in this or that form, then Mr. Shulian can quite refuse because his parting with both series came out not really iridescent: he was dismissed at Kevin Sorbo`s insistance from “Surprising wanderings of Hercules“ and discharged of work on further study of an image of Zena because his opinion did not meet with opinion of the producer Tapert. In some degree it is possible to refer also some chief screenwriters / producers and structure of the Renaissance Pictures production company and their subsidiary in New Zealand to the same category of Pacific Renaissance Ltd. : Sam Reymi, Bruce Campbell, Christian Williams, Stephen Sirs and Ayr Jay of Stewart.

As for the second category, the last four seasons of ZKV came to Universal and as NBC is part of their joint broadcasting company, problems with the rights for the most part of series should not arise, however there are two more seasons which were broadcast on UPN channel (now CW) which owners at the moment are competitors of Universal CBS and of Warner Bros . And in the first two seasons there were many sign characters who if NBC is not possible to agree, just cannot be used from - for problems with the rights. That is we will lose, at least, Gabrielle, Ares and even the Slang.

At the moment it is unknown at what stage of the project is of NBC , with whom and what they will manage to agree about and what they, actually, want from series. However if at least one of elements drops out, then we will not receive any more continuation of those series which we had.

Refusal of one of creators of an image of Zena will force film company to look for an alternative look for the heroine, including her sign weapon and an armor. If one of film companies refuses, then screenwriters should write anew Zena`s history, and we will need to pretend that all series were not. Both of these situations, of course, will please not the real zenayta, but can go for their realization, in hope to attract new admirers as already was with the new Buffy version with which emergence many years, despite negative opinion in this respect of both Sara Michele Gellar, and Joss Whedon threaten.

Also you should not forget that if of NBC plan the long-term project, then for a leading role will hardly take Lucie Louless, will rely on the actress more young rather, the cruel world of show - business dictates the terms. Especially as the series left a quite good opening in the form of reincarnation of the main characters.

So, from a huge number of information which appeared on the Internet concerning revival of ZKV at present it is possible to draw a conclusion that the probability of return of Zena to the screen is, though small, the probability is much bigger that plans of NBC can not come true in full and we will receive absolutely not that we would like. It can be as full alteration, in style of the failed “Bionic woman“, and attempt to follow in the footsteps of the legendary “Doctor Kto“, in fifty years of existence who ate a gallifreysky dog in heavy business of reincarnation of the main character.

Anyway, for the first time for many years at us appeared hope for continuation of favourite series.