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The average is as? Thoughts over Bulat Okudzhava`s verses

Some poetic lines at the first reading are perceived as comic. But actually their contents is serious. If attentively to get a grasp of one of the most famous poems, then it is possible to draw many parallels with surrounding reality. And, of course, to think of what in life is clever and that - not really.

Under knock of drops of a rain about eaves poetic lines which once fairly excited blood sometimes are remembered. The kaleidoscope of witty thoughts raised a smile, but the sense remained not clear - as though hazy fog. Then verses were removed on the periphery of consciousness. But here suddenly were clearly remembered - and began to pulse literally in temples.

Direct immortal lines of Bulat Okudzhava at thoughts: Anton Palych Chekhov noticed


once That clever likes to study, and the fool - to teach. How many

of fools in the life I met -

to me is already time to receive an award long ago.

Fools adore gathering in pack.

Ahead of their main in all beauty.

In the childhood I believed that I will get up once, there is no

A of fools - all departed.

Ah, children`s my dreams - what mistake,

In what clouds I foolishly soared.

At the nature on lips an artful smile …

Probably, I did not calculate something.

And clever alone walks circles,

He appreciates loneliness above all. it is so simple to

I to take it barehanded,

povylovit them all to one Soon.

When all of them are povylovit - there will come an era, Which not to invent

and not to describe …

C clever - troublesome, with the fool - it is bad.

Is necessary something average. Yes where to take it?

To be favorable by the fool and there is no strong wish.

Clever - very much wants and will come to an end in a beating … in

At the nature on lips artful prophecies.

But, maybe, sometime to an average we will come.
verses are perceived by

At the first reading as comic. Though actually they are serious, and their sense does not lie on a surface at all.

It is curious to imagine this pack and the main thing in it. Really, happens that one will tell something, wide of the mark. Information, naturally, is checked by nobody. However right there are those who pick up relay and begin to repeat. It is very simple - to think - that independently is not necessary! First told, become now the main thing in pack, it is happy and proud. Meanwhile repeating his conclusion becomes more and more.

The pack gathered, and here is not going to depart anywhere. It only dissipates that accelerates recruitment of new supporters. For this purpose it is necessary to tell something doubtful in time, but to make it as it is possible more convincingly. And persons interested to repeat will be.

There is a stereotype, as if what the majority agrees with is correct. The person at the level of mind can understand that not always it so. However at the same time nevertheless trusts rather opinion which is supported by many, but not units. Well, how here to fools not to gather in packs? In this case they make impression of the majority and meet adherents rather.

However there is also that who has enough forces to remain at the belief. Another thing is that this clever sometimes too revels in it. Like, I special - not that some. In love with the uniqueness, it easily turns into certain “transcendental object“. Beats about the bush on the closed trajectory, does not share the ideas and does not perceive new. As a result drives itself into the deadlock.

Clever quite often forgets that his knowledge does not belong only to it to one. They have to serve also other people. Mind is necessary at all not to be proud of it and to try “to cut off“ someone.

To share the knowledge, a certain degree of openness is necessary. Being “transcendental object“, it is easy to fall into arrogance. It can be more dangerous than nonsense. If to put itself on a pedestal and to look haughtily at others, then it is possible to fall - to a fun to pack.

Happens and so that clever is not able to overcome temptation something to prove to people around. He parades the awareness, but secretly laughs at opponents. Here - that the trap which clever to itself places is also hidden. It will be derided by fans to gather in packs that is very painful. Let and not at once, but he will begin to doubt the correctness. And there and nearby before, that most to adjoin some pack.

In this case clever does not develop himself and quickly enough stops being that. The intelligence decreases, and self-confidence remains. Such picture is especially sad.

So it for certain “average“? Clever which is not extolled by it and does not become completely reserved. It is ready to share the knowledge, but not to impose them. It is faithful to itself, but at the same time it is capable to perceive new information. Does not consider own opinion as truth in final instance and is able to recognize the mistakes in time.

The portrait can seem a little idealized. However it is worth thinking of it. Development of own personality - that process which lasts all life. It is impossible to become clever once and for all. Also the modesty is necessary to understand it.