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What investments the most favorable?

We seldom think of the money. For this reason they answer us with mutual neglect (we lack money constantly). There is a question: how to change the relation to money and to fill the family budget? For this purpose I suggest to remember bases of financial literacy.

When we remember about money? Let`s think together.

In the pay day, when calculating in shops, at emergence of problems, at a jaundiced eye on others expensive “belongings“, cars, entertainments and a way of life.

It turns out that our meetings with money are chaotic and rare. Such relations are in advance doomed to a failure, they will always be problem - the validity of this axiom will be confirmed by any family man with an experience.

It is obvious that personal finance (including money) is the same integral part of our life as a family and health. But about the finance we remember only when unexpectedly we understand that “they sing romances“.

Our many compatriots are in a difficult financial position because they got in inheritance from already nonexistent Soviet state “rotten“ thoughts, beliefs and stereotypes concerning money. The Soviet Union fought 70 years against a private property, dreamed “to cancel“ money, rigidly punished the citizens for initiative and enterprise.

It led to the fact that we think outdated categories. We set false targets. Every day we act illogically. Our life is defined by habits which with guarantee leave us “without money“.

For this reason to us so “painfully“ to live! Old rules ceased to work because the world surrounding us radically changed. He lives under new laws for a long time.

I recommend to allocate time and to get acquainted in more detail with financial side of your life. To begin never late.

In what danger of external financial wellbeing, in what its difference from true financial prosperity? “External“ wellbeing is capable to function and provide to

satisfaction of all everyday requirements only in “full“ years when the economy grows and develops. As they say, “inflow lifts all boats“. When in economy, in branch or in separately taken family there comes the economic crisis (recession, stagnation, dismissal, bankruptcy, etc. unpleasant surprises), this visible wellbeing is scattered as a house of cards. Especially it is noticeable at excess consumption on which all of us managed to sit down.

I will give only one sadly - the disturbing fact - our compatriots took the credits of trillions of rubles! It means that this money are not earned yet, but for a long time are spent . Besides, on them as early as many years will continue to pay off, overpaying percent and penalties for inevitable delays.

True financial wellbeing is based on stability, i.e. on independence of negative external factors.

Whatever occurred in economy and geopolitics, your family will be always reliably protected :

1) in advance made monetary accumulation (a so-called “financial pillow“);

2) several sources of the income;

3) diversification of the personal capital;

4) reasonable relation to expenditure of money;

5) refusal of overconsumption and superluxury;

6) and to that similar basic concepts of elementary financial literacy.

Favourable investments

Is remembered by

a familiar expression of Robert Kiyosaki: “There are only two problems with money. One problem is when there is not enough money. Other problem is when there is too much them. What you choose?“

I Want to pay your attention to very dangerous marketing “zamanukha“ which was thought up investment (and not only) by the companies for “fair depriving“ of money. It sounds, at first sight, very correctly and harmlessly: “ to Earn, keep and increase “.

Peer more attentively - guards nothing you in this phrase? I consider that the priority of the person who learned to earn good money is to preserve, or, speaking in other words, not to lose earned.

Why I so point this aspect?

The matter is that as soon as you begin to earn above an average, you become a target, delicious production. Those who decided to take away from you this money begin to hunt for you (or at least their part).

They do it in very civilized way - offering you:

- to get luxury goods (i.e. goods and services of a segment of a lakshera);

- to invest the earned money in investment projects with very attractive profitability;

- to take mortgage or cars - the credit - you are worthy all best!

These harmless ways extend the huge sums of money , it is enough to remember that:

1) at the moment Russians owe banks about one trillion money taken on credit;

2) The Ministry of Internal Affairs regularly reports about emergence of tens of thousands of new deceived investors, shareholders, etc. of especially trustful citizens.

At the same time I see other picture - my familiar billionaires by search of projects for investment into them of the money lay down very severe conditions on safety of their investments. They are interested not so much the size of the promised income, how many an opportunity to return the money without loss. They not are ready to lose the money. They well are able to earn and carefully preserve the capitals.

Perhaps, for this reason they and billionaires? They are aimed, first of all, at safety of the investments - to them important that their investments not decreased and returned to them whole and safe.

In it also key distinction between the beginning investors and financially wealthy people is covered with :

- the first are ready to consider any ways of increase in the income;

- the second carefully choose and “reject“ high-risky, unclear, “muddy“ options of investments.

Therefore I sincerely recommend to those who only try on on themselves a role of the private investor, to look narrowly at strategy of monthly averaging . She allows to earn by the small sums the impressive capitals from the big temporary horizon. For this purpose it is necessary for a long time regularly, for example, once a month, to buy by the equal sums any financial instrument (actions, precious metals etc.).

Here that Warren Buffett speaks about it: “I take shares, and me all the same that happens to the market next day. However it is not difficult to predict at all what will be with the market in the long-term period“. Summarizing


1) protect the money earned with you;

2) you should not pursue for over - profitable investments since they mean high risk.

It is much more important to keep what you have, than to believe in sweet fairy tales of sellers of beautiful life.