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Entrance iron doors.

Fact-finding article at the choice of entrance metal doors.

Parameters of entrance doors in Nizhny Novgorod are reached by means of design features. Such as protection fire resistance, protection against breaking and td. Esthetic appearance is also not unimportant. Locking mechanisms a basis of protection against various factors, but it is worth to remember also about external and an interior of a door. A standard complete set of doors from 1 lock more various types. Completeness depends on an installation site and purpose of the room, well and respectively on desires of the buyer. Entrance doors are issued the standard sizes 2050*860/960 the right or left opening, unary, two-fold, vestibule and td. Production by the customer`s sizes is also possible. The reliable door has to be surely added with stiffening ribs vertically or horizontally located. What the door would not let out heat, did not miss noise and moisture, the internal space of a door is filled with various fillers, are pasted a sealant of gaps. Much important role at the choice is rendered by production cost. You want to get entrance doors in Nizhny Novgorod of the price you can look in online store of the DOOR of ZEVS. Here the huge range of doors on any budget and wishes is presented. The raw materials for production of doors are chosen as domestic and foreign production. The door accessories play the main role in the door block, it has to be not only beautiful, but also reliable. Many buyers are indifferent to this subject. The peephole also not to many people is important, but there are also those which wish to establish it at a certain height for convenience. Still there are buyers kotor want to hide loops from eyes.

of Service of shop of the DOOR of ZEVS.

1 Orders are taken both by phone, and via the website of the company, free departure of the manager on the house for the conclusion of the contract is also possible. Here you can buy

2 inexpensive entrance doors in Nizhny Novgorod.

3 Works on installation and dismantle of old doors.

4 Measurement of the door block by experts.

5 Delivery to an entrance Free.

6 Rise to an installation site (for a fee).

At selection of doors on our saty pay attention to the operating actions on which it is possible to receive a discount to 50%. It is possible to pay goods via the website online or to call the manager on the house. The flexible system of discounts is provided to frequent clients. Certificates of quality on all production and company services. Buying from us you exempt yourself from excess efforts and will be confident in quality of the performed works and materials.