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To whom does alcohol harm?

Alcohol do to an organism huge harm. Researchers found out that harm is done not only that who drinks alcohol. Most of the population suffers from alcohol. In a risk zone children, whose mothers took alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Problems with intelligence and cognitive abilities can be shown both in infancy, and at teenage age.

Alcohol does to an organism huge harm. But only whether themselves favourite harmed by boozers? Researchers from University of Sheffield found out that most of the population of Great Britain suffers from alcohol.

Polls, alcohol researches conducted by scientists from university Group, showed that every fifth adult British faced insults and even prosecution from drunk. Under the threat of similar incidents British do not feel safely in public places. Many reported about undesirable sexual attention, and also about the family problems connected with alcohol abuses.

Having interrogated more than 2000 people from Scotland and North - the western England, researchers found communication between harm degree from alcohol and age. In their opinion, the youth whereas aged people, obviously, having got used, pay less attention to potential danger most of all suffers.

According to the director of research group Catherine Braun (Katherine Brown), results demonstrate that alcohol is dangerous not only drinking, but to many people who appeared near drunkards happy-go-lucky. Besides, as taxpayers it is necessary to pay to all citizens for consequences of abuses which cost is estimated by billions of pounds sterling.

If the woman takes alcohol during pregnancy, then it surely affects on health of the child. Characteristic external features of newborns with an alcoholic syndrome of a fruit - the little head, narrow and short eye cracks, a thin and convex upper lip with a narrow red border and so forth

Even if at the newborn is not present visible violations, it - in a zone of risk, problems with intelligence and cognitive abilities can prove at teenage age. According to different sources in the USA and Western Europe from maternal addiction to alcohol during incubation suffer from 2% to 17% of school students.

Physicians are ready to help victims of own mother to children, but how to learn whether the woman took alcohol during pregnancy? It appears, the quantity of ethyl air of fatty acids in meconium, or first-born Calais, the first chair of newborns testifies to it.

Within the extensive Newborn project of the American National institute concerning abuse of alcohol and alcoholism researchers from School of applied social sciences in Ohio for 20 years watched over health of about 400 children born in the middle of 1990 - x years. They took samples of meconium at the birth, and at the age of 9, 11 and 15 years children took tests for I.Q.

Earlier scientists revealed communication between the high level of ethyl air of fatty acids in meconium and problems of intellectual and psychological development of children aged to 2 - x years. Now researchers for the first time had proofs that this communication is shown also at teenage age.

About 60% of mothers at whose children the high level of air in meconium was revealed, told that they during pregnancy used on average 3,25 ounces (about 92 grams) of pure alcohol a week, 13% drank twice more. The others during incubation of a fruit did not admit addiction to alcoholic drinks.

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