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Production « company; Father Carlo will make to order wooden ladders for the house, furniture wooden, wooden doors, euro - windows of solid pine.

« production company; Father Carlo was born recently., in 2012. Founders of the company were engaged in production of interior ladders and other products from a tree since 2002. All these years technology of a woodworking and skills in production were improved day by day. Today quality of products - speaks for itself. Clients of the company become our friends! Our purpose - to provide to the Client the comfortable choice of products from a natural, environmentally friendly tree. Non-standard and especially individual orders - it is our profile. We are ready not only to embody any creative idea in reality, but also to turn the end result into a unique masterpiece - for the same money! Our &ndash team; it is harmonious, on-stage performance group in which a profession joiner - this calling!

We are proud of each work and we approach each order individually!

our Clients not only residents of Barnaul. We work across all Altai Krai and beyond its limits.


We offer all range of services on production of wooden ladders:

- measurement,

- design,

- production,

- installation.


- Wooden ladders on the second floor (on a kosoura, a bowstring)

- Finishing of concrete ladders tree

- Facing of ladders from a metalframework

- Protections of ladders

* our company is engaged in implementation of various projects, from budgetary to exclusive.

* In production of ladders we use only qualitative wood.

* All process of production of a ladder is subject to internal quality control.

* Solid experience and modern technologies allow us to try to obtain as much as possible - high rates of quality of products.

* We declare ourselves as about the reliable and responsible partner. We submit a product within the specified terms and we guarantee its quality.

Besides - We MAKE:

- interior ladders for the house from the massif of various breeds of a tree. From house-keeper to premium class. Solid pine, birches, beech, ash-tree, oak. An individual approach to each Client, flexible terms of payment.

- Furniture for clubs, restaurants, cafe. Furniture for a sauna. Furniture brashirovanny - semi-antique . Cellars and wine cellars.

- House Furniture from solid pine, a cedar, birches, a beech, an ash-tree, an oak. Tables, chairs, chairs, lunch zones, cases, wardrobes, dressers, racks, home decoration, beds one - sleeping, two - sleeping, two - level, and also any non-standard furniture by the individual order. Offices, nurseries, bedrooms, halls, billiard rooms.

- Doors interroom - glazed and deafs filenchaty. Entrance, warmed. Arches and arch doors. Production by results of measurements. Non-standard sizes. Painting in color of your interior. Delivery and « installation; on a turn-key basis

- Art woodcarving.

- Restoration of wooden ladders, furniture and other products from a natural tree.

- Home decoration from the massif of a natural tree.

- The Complex of products for private housing construction. The garden furniture, furniture textured semi-antique arbors and furniture in arbors, bridges. Sadovo - park architecture.

You can order from us not only qualitative furniture, a ladder or an arbor for rest. You do not need to order from one - one, and at others - another. Our purpose - to provide to our Client the comfortable choice of products from a natural tree in our execution.

You can leave the application for free departure of the expert having called by Ph. +7 (3852) 533 - 977

our experts will make necessary measurements and will listen to your wishes, and will also read also the recommendations.

Within days we will make calculation of the price taking into account production and installation. Having coordinated with you the price we also within days prepare the project attached to the contract. The term of production of a ladder on average one month, depending on volume and complexity of a design.

we Will be glad to offer you qualitative production at reasonable prices.