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What was thought up by women - izobretatelnitsa?

developed at unlimited part of men opinion that women suit only for love, the birth of children, cares on a household, and by way of exception from the rule - work in theaters, secretaries, sellers Long ago. This stereotype developed that, say, there are not enough women in science, literature, other spheres. But whether so it?

We will try to look at least at invention. There are examples which, I believe, will force to look at a stereotype differently.

How you think who thought up a circular saw? Well, this such device which when changing disks it is possible to saw not only wood, but also metals. Strangely enough, honor of the invention of such saw belongs to the woman - Tabitha Bebbit .

There was it in far 1810. Tabitha lived in Massachusetts where she visited religious sect. Once she paid attention that the sawing firewood of the man does it only with 50 - percentage coefficient of usefulness. When the saw moved forward - there was a pileniye. At the return movement - idling. Tabitha was surprised why came to nobody to mind to make a cloth in the form of a circle? Then all the time would go a pileniye. She submitted the patent application. But registration of the invention was opposed by its religious sect. However the idea was formulated, was included in newspapers and the circular saw quickly won popularity.

The American possesses the patent for a periscope. Sara Meter , however, made the invention not from scratch - the remote similarity of a periscope was known also to her. But Sara`s merit is that it thoroughly improved the primitive device and “brought“ it to practical application in army. The patent was granted by it in 1845, and mass application of periscopes happened during civil war in America (1861-1865). Soldiers tied periscopes to guns and shot, without leaning out of entrenchments. Further the periscope began to be used on fleet. Later - on tanks.

The snowplow was constructed in 1892 by Cynthia Vestover working as the secretary. She liked to wear fashionable shoes. But snow often got to short boots in the winter on streets to it. The girl began to think of problem solutions. And once she found a way out, outlined the drawing of the elementary car for cleaning of sidewalks of snow with method of blowing it on roadsides.

The invention of Mary Anderson also is connected with snow . Somehow on affairs it arrived from the State of Alabama where a vein, to New - York. Business was in the winter, day was given cold, with plentiful snowfall. In the tram it was cold too as the driver held the window open. The viewing windshield of the tram was closed up with snow. And that incidentally not to bring down someone on the carriageway, the driver continually leaned out in a window. At Mary this situation for a long time “sat down“ at the head. She found the solution - thought up “janitors“. There was it in 1903.

The invention of one more American - also is connected with transport of El Doloresdzhons`s . It often had to go by the first cars. Their deafening roar fairly affected ears of passengers and strongly frightened passersby. Jones found a way out - constructed the muffler in 1917.

Of course, examples can be continued. But I specially took them only over one country and only far back in the past when in society treated invention of women with sneers. Over time the sexual equality was established in the majority of the countries and regarding inventing of various devices facilitating life, doing it is more comfortable. If someone else doubts in mental capacities of ladies, look at patents - they are on the Internet. You will find much it that will force to be surprised.