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How it is correct to count the money?

As soon as you will begin to respect money then they will answer you with full reciprocity and will begin to respect you! I recommend to begin adjustment of the financial life with this elementary action (respect for money). For this purpose it is necessary to fix (to write down) each movement of the money - to you in a purse and from it.

The scrupulous accounting (fixing) of each movement of your personal (family) finance is one of the most important elements of financial literacy. This simple action with guarantee will result you in your financial wellbeing.

However very few people decide to take this step - even those who heard more than once (read) about this elementary rule of the handling of money.

There is a lot of reasons of Inactivity:

- elementary forgetfulness - people simply forget to write down (to consider) the expenses and the income;

- desire “to seem“ to the rich - I what, the beggar on a church porch collecting alms - a trifle?

- shyness - to someone it is very difficult (it is a shame, it is uncomfortable) publicly to count money or to make entries about the expenses;

- banal laziness behind which Misunderstanding of importance of fixing of each movement of money hides.

This situation is well illustrated by a remark from the movie “Forcing“:

- You are a millionaire, and all you are rummaged, collect a trifle.

- Well, I want to remain a millionaire.

And one more reason: “eyes run up, I do not know that to choose“ - it is so possible to treat a question which inevitably arises when maintaining the accounting of the cash flows.

The question consists in the technical moment - how to choose the program for the accounting of personal finance ? All look for the simple and clear interface, good functionality, it is desirable with installation on any device.

My answer is simple: use any in the convenient way, (habitual) for you!

I recommend to use for a start the most usual EXEL :

the Step 1 - create the table with several columns;

2 - fix the Step - write down large categories of expenses (food, education, clothes, utility and household costs, transport, entertainments, etc.) ;

the Step 3 - enter formulas (for example, the sum of expenses in a month).

At desire (or on the gadget) you will find a huge number of various programs in the Internet - appendices on maintaining the accounting of personal (family) finance. Choose any, they a little in what differ from each other on functionality!

Not important as you do it, it is important that you do it on a constant basis .

I will finish this material a reminder what pluses are born by implementation of this rule of financial literacy - “to keep account of the personal finance“:

you begin to respect money (but not to wave away from them).

you get used to show care and attention to financial questions on a constant basis, even without thinking of it, at the level of automatic reflexes - habits.

you accurately see and understand from where to you money (sources of the income) come and where they leave you (the main items of expenditure: constant and spontaneous).

you train the commitment (thereby considerably accelerating the movement to financial freedom).

you are proud of yourself (for one more made step to the Dream).

What you still would add to this list?

P. S. Maintaining the accounting of personal finance is only one of 50 steps which will help you to increase the level of the welfare. Begin the movement, it will be simpler further...