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How Filipinos use the national flag?

For long history the Philippine Islands repeatedly were exposed to colonization and occupation, and every time newcomers brought with themselves the flags. Only at the end of the 19th century Filipinos accepted the flag used by them till present. In what its feature?

The general Emilio Aghinaldo who later became the first and youngest president of Philippines is considered the developer of national flag of Philippines. In 1897, being in exile in Hong Kong, the general decides to create the flag representing Philippines.

As a result the turned-out flag represented the cloth divided into two horizontal strips. The top strip was blue and symbolized the World, the Truth and Justice. The lower strip was red and symbolized Valour and Patriotism.

In the left corner of a flag the white equilateral triangle in which were located the gold sun with eight beams and three stars was represented. The triangle symbolizes equality and a brotherhood, and white color - a purity symbol. The sun symbolizes freedom and eight provinces which the first were stirred to action against Spain at that time colonizing Philippines. Three stars designated three island groups making Philippines: Luzon, Mindanao, Visaysky islands.

It is remarkable that the whole century Filipinos could not approve a color of a blue strip finally. Only in 1998, before celebration of century of independence, as color of a blue strip it was chosen “royal blue“.

As you can see, in the most national flag of Philippines there is nothing unusual. Feature is in how this flag is used. In peace and a wartime it is hung up differently. In a peace time the flag is hung up so that the blue strip settled down over red. When the country enters war, the flag turns over and the red strip is over blue.

The Republic of the Philippines is the only country in the world using the national flag thus. Looks as a joke, the truth? But this tradition is more than hundred years old. The first time orientation of a flag changed in 1899, in time filippinsko - the American war.

In hundred next years Filipinos endured a lot of things - nearly 20 - summer domination of the United States of America (1901-1919), three years` Japanese occupation (1942-1945). During these periods over Philippines fluttered at first zvezdno - a striped flag of the USA, then it is red - a disk flag of Japan. And all - Philippines achieved the independence and the right to have the national flag.

In 2010 there was an amusing case when on official action the flag of Philippines was hung up a red strip up. Caused a stir who you would think? Of course, Americans. And the summit of Association of the countries of Hugo - East Asia (ASEAN), going to New - York was that official action.

Strangely enough, but the made mistake was found far not at once. Neither the president of Philippines Benigno Aquino, nor the being present journalists. The American official host, of course, apologized later, but the fact remains. Americans continue to surprise with the ignorance not only traditions of the European countries, but also the neighbors.

We will not equal on the American officials and to make such mistakes. By the way, Day of National flag on Philippines is celebrated annually on May 28, and week of National flag begins since May 28 and more than two weeks - till June 12 last.