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Mirabilis is the night beauty. What she told of?

Depth of summer. Hot days oppress. But there came evening and gentle aroma rushed into a window. The night beauty dressed up in multi-colored colors and sprinkled with magic spirits the petals.

Unpretentious, the darling opening the florets with approach of evening and who is dissolved in night the night beauty, or mirabilis the dawn, so is habitual to us that it was thought as if it long since was our, Slavic, a plant. But as it appeared, she is from Central America. Europeans for the first time saw it in the Peruvian Andes, and since 1525 it got to gardens of Europe. Today the night beauty is a popular ornamental plant in many countries of the world.

The name “mirabilis“ comes from Latin mirabilis that means surprising. The perennial grassy plants reaching in height of 30 - 80 cm enter a sort Mirabilis. In moderate regions they are grown up as one-year culture.

Lilac, yellow, pink, crimson, white, motley funnel-shaped flowers reveal in the second half of day. They exhale pleasant, sweetish aroma, than attract pollinators - moths.

Tuberiform roots use in traditional medicine as a depletive. Leaves can be eaten. Flowers use for coloring of food. All plant possesses diuretic and wound healing properties. Fresh juice of leaves promotes healing of wounds.

Seeds of the night beauty are considered poisonous, but nevertheless are applied in cosmetology and to production of dyes.

Mirabilis it is easy to grow up from seeds. He comfortably feels on the loamy and clay soils containing lime, well transfers a drought. And here the sour and rehumidified soils will do much harm to the night beauty. It is better to settle her on open solar places.

The night beauty has an interesting feature: on one plant flowers of different coloring often blossom. Since June and to cold weather mirabilis will please you with the fragrance and flowers - the asterisks directed up - to the night sky, to stars.

Somehow during an admiring in twilight refinement of these, at first sight, simple plants, such imagination was born.

Yaroslav, the talented landscape designer, worked for the billionaire famous for the whims. That loved, without leaving the possession, to enjoy exotic landscapes.

In spacious greenhouses and immense gardens the young man recreated the most exotic corners of our planet. At its order there were unlimited financial means, the latest developments of equipment.

In one of the closed parks it built the tiny desert. There heat reigned, sandy storms sometimes blew over, cactuses blossomed amazing beauty. In other room the icy cold dominated, furious winds forced down visitors from legs. Which - where among stones, nestling on the poor soil, the Antarctic plants hurried to be glad to sunshine.

But there came time when no natural compositions could satisfy the rich man satiated shows. Even the last design miracle - the heated lava following from a muzzle of an artificial volcano rising to the legs of the viewer did not impress it.

Having called the designer, he declared:

- If in a month you do not create an effective landscape, you will be dismissed.

Having returned to a garden lodge, the young man thought of the destiny. Ten years of work on the billionaire. No, he was not afraid to be dismissed - he with pleasure will be accepted in any corner of the world, and there will be enough earned money on for the rest of the life.

“People - surprising beings, - he argued, - they constantly lack something. Whether there is a limit to human desires? “

Slightly audible knock in a window interrupted his reflections. The designer opened shutters. Under a window thickets of its favourite flowers - night beauties waved, they revealed towards evening and filled with a gentle fragrance a bedroom at night.

In the coming twilight night beauties seemed the far sparkling stars. Suddenly one floret - an asterisk flickered, and before Yaroslav`s look the girl surrounded with marvelous shine appeared. It seemed that its attire is weaved from star threads - weightless, streaming, penetrating all garden.

Being afraid to frighten off an unexpected miracle, the young man quietly jumped out of a window and went to the stranger. Surprisingly: once he took a step, the girl - vision receded deep into. The garden ended, behind it the field flew, and the prishelitsa continued to entrain the person...

Yaroslav did not notice how he came to be among stars, and the girl conducted everything and conducted him on an infinite space scope, gradually merging with it. And here the earthling remained one.

Before it the fiery star rushed, having drenched heart with heat. Afterwards the snow-covered planet flew, having rimed I smother the frosty breath. The desert star threw a handful of the heated sand in a face, and water - refreshed a body with fireworks of salty splashes.

The star marathon proceeded. Yaroslav ceased to feel time and even most. It became an infinity particle...

But here at last to his inflamed consciousness the persistent melody of an alarm clock broke through. The young man hardly slightly opened eyes. From the cracked window the morning cool streamed, returning it to reality.

- It was only the dream! - he exclaimed and grabbed phone.

- Sorry, I refuse your offer, - with Yaroslav said.

“No, work at the billionaire not for me“, - the young man thought and dialed number of National park.