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Why modern people promptly gain weight? Scientists try to define

why modern people so promptly gain weight? In recent years the weight of the population of the earth grew several times. Even in those countries which power supply system was recognized excellent the population suffers from obesity.

The obesity reason the food and a lack of physical exercises practically is always considered. And it so. The modern refined food is not acquired (the organism receives food not from the eaten food, and from acquired), nutrients are not delivered to destination, the organism starves even at the filled stomach. At the same time in it and intestines there are processes of decomposition, rotting of undigested food, there are poisons which poison all organism and promote emergence of excess weight.

Modern hostesses have freshly cooked dishes on a table - a rarity. And at storage and repeated warming up in food there are oxidizing processes promoting increase in weight.

The overeating became a norm, but in this case even the healthy food becomes poison.

Undoubtedly, from food, physical exercises a lot of things depend. But why then often quite safe families at which life is adjusted and are an opportunity to properly eat, play sports, have obesity?

Because process of obesity has the mass of the reasons to which many do not pay attention. Today everything conducts the person to excess weight: food, lifestyle, relationship, ecological situation.

Our ancestors:

- went on foot much;

- used natural products;

- were treated by natural means;

- lived in close contact with the nature.

Modern people:

- move on transport more;

- the food of the modern person is defective, in a diet few natural products;

- use many drugs;

- came off by nature;

- do not pay attention to a bad dream, systematic headaches, hypostases, an ache in a back, joints;

- there was a habit not to observe a daily biorhythm, not to listen to the organism, not to understand it, to ignore its inquiries, to be ill “standing“, to live in unhealthy rooms - all this lays a path not only to feeling sick, but excess weight;

- the inability to combine work with rest also promotes emergence of excess weight.

The abundance of conveniences in the modern world strongly promotes obesity.

The part of the life of people passes in the rooms equipped with computers, fluorescent lamps, conditioners - all this creates an unhealthy environment. For example: conditioners create comfortable temperature, but in an organism power consumption which is burned when sweating and trembling from cold falls. Easier to say, the person has to sweat and freeze, only then there are natural vital processes.

The constant tension and stresses do the person angry, and he cannot control meal that promotes emergence of extra kilos.

Skin of the modern person ceased to breathe normally because the population wears clothes of different flowers of a rainbow which paint is quite often absorbed in skin and makes the destructive actions.

Brings in a moneybox of excess weight the contribution and what many incorrectly buy, store, prepare, use products.

And practically all direct fight against excess weight to the solution of a consequence, but not to the reason of excess weight. Therefore also results unfavourable.