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Confession of Russian Here I will tell a confession of RUSSIAN to you of what at me already boiled long ago and I want to tell it to you.

Hay hy as you know “Black Blok“ and “Black Kogota“, popular in circles narrow nationalist, blocked me it of course revolts. People try to express the opinion to protect our Russian life to protect from the selling and corruption power. We as if poison slowly corrode the rotted-through system of the power and we will achieve it already soon. “Not to jail all“!!!

our revolution will flash as if a flame and you will not manage to muffle that fire. And here still it became interesting to me when revolution begins that as our government will “extinguish“ it, really also as far back in the past When fire will be opened at the citizens, but how to be told times they change and the Russian people will splash out all that on was saved at them for these repressions for everything and we will sing about an otomshcheniye for is watered. prisoners, we will protect our Russian foundations from PIDERASTOV, “black threat“. Pressure upon nationalists never decreased, and now there is no special splash, the chairman of executive committee National - democratic party Vladimir Tor objects. “The present power carries on the traditions of pressure upon the Russian people put by Bolsheviks“, - Tor considers. I want that my family and the Russian people lived freely in a distance from all this nasty thing that dropped out on them. I consider that nationalists do correctly serious work, but they do not get such support, and on them there is only pressure arrests in what we nevertheless state - in live in democratic or nevertheless in that where everything is watched try to crush any germ of justice, freedom and independence of the Russian soul collecting which will be the 25th I think has to visit each who wants to express the opinion for independence of “The Russian blood“. Recently taken place holiday at chocks is called Urzam a Bayram it is just such slag me these chocks enrage even if at us many national country but on to respect that nation which here from time immemorial lives these chocks got a false idea that the earth belongs to them at most that belongs to them so it is their shitty aul in mountains. What I want to tell go for meeting of the 25th, and will are right. On it all my dear friends.