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Meaning of life

Two lives, one is filled with sense, the second does not know what to lean &ndash on; familiarly looks. Neighbors, friends, relatives often suffer from shortage of interest in life, on the other hand, people who appreciate every second are near. Their life - this adventure, new meetings, works, achievements, interests. So from where such difference and why people, in appearance and by situation such similar so different lives in a way?

There are people who aspire every day to bigger, conquer new peaks and are never satisfied with what has already been achieved. Their problems are true horrors of life, and their pleasure - happiness which nobody knew earlier. Why they are such? How they manage it? There are thousands, millions of people which have no meaning of life, these are those people who live fast, they want nothing, do not aspire to anything, their morning is simple morning, one of many, their day same, as well as previous, their life is banal and mediocre. But why so? In what a difference between these people?

If to look narrowly, externally they are similar. But if the difference begins to glance in their life more deeply obvious. People who feel taste of life always overcame tests throughout all the childhood, they went to small achievements, it as school or entering a university by very long and thorny roads, but achieving even the small objectives, felt enormous pleasure.

The difference is that people who feel and appreciate life never received nothing just like that, they fought for food, freedom, knowledge, the rights, love and so on. That to other people, those which do not feel meaning of life everything was given them just like that, they studied, coming home received a lawful lunch, bought by it clothes when it wore out, they twisted novels because were beautiful, went to the university because parents gave money and so forth. When life does not test you since the birth when you have a carefree childhood, and you do not see sense, all already is - there is nothing to try to obtain!

But personal achievements impact relish to life. When take away a favourite toy from you you want to return it when you are not given a normal breakfast, you want to prove the rights for it and to restore justice. When refuse to you, you seek for approval when you are not loved, are eager for love - here the elementary difference which can be found between such seemingly identical people.

Two persons can be businessmen, identical situation, but at the same time, one having come home will think about sad absorbing whisky, and another, will drink the same whisky to relax reason and to think what else can be reached how to win heart of darling or to see something new. Their thoughts are struck - it is their difference. If one does not see sense, then the second lives achievements and thirst to try all that to it it was inaccessible, all to it was not wanted to be given.

It is a difference invisible at first sight, but its root is covered in the childhood. To make light of achievements of the child or just to ignore his desires, requirements, aspirations, it does not make any sense. Children have to go from first years forward, set the small purposes, let at first unconsciously, for example, will learn to go, but then is surer and is concrete - to participate in a performance, to receive the first place at competitions. Parents, in turn, have to push children to the new interesting purposes which will fill every day life with pleasure and sense.

And all - is difficult to change today what was missed yesterday. You can correct the mistakes made in the past only. And if there is no sense now, then how to return it? - To set the object. Let it will be in something unwanted and can even uninteresting, but it is the first step. Having achieved it, set the following object. Every time, trying to obtain something and receiving desirable result of people, it will be filled with pride, and life will begin to gather sense gradually.

Life is a fight. The purposes is a competition with itself. Therefore life without the purposes also seems senseless. Possibilities of people are boundless and even if everything comes to you easily, and there is no competition, aspiration, difficulties, you nevertheless can have one, important objectives, had achieved which you will find thousands more of the purposes. This purpose - to find what will be for you not simply what will force you to work hard and derive pleasure from work for the first time in life you work, but do not receive the desirable just like that.