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We prepare in school

For children on September 1 - it is a holiday, but for parents - efforts and expenditure. To save on school supplies, it is necessary to make the list of the necessary acquisitions to school in advance and to approach responsibly the choice. Correctly chosen sportswear and a backpack will save the child from problems with a back and injuries on physical culture. And in time the bought textbooks will allow to teach good marks in the first days of study.

Shelves of shops are gradually filled with school supplies. Already very soon rise at 7 in the morning, backpack, teachers, lessons, homework and school friends. But before it it is necessary to buy all necessary that every day was not only it is filled with pleasure of a meeting with friends, but also desire to study.

The clothes

With elementary grades in this plan are much simpler, than with seniors. Here often there is a form absolutely identical to all, before study parents order it or sew. Other clothes, for example tights, footwear are easily bought in addition in any shop. However you do not hurry to buy very much early. Children grow quickly, and the footwear can become small till September 1. Also will not be superfluous to order not one form, but two, on change.

The high school also means defined dress - a code. At some schools the form considerably facilitating life to parents is entered, but if there is no form, the clothes nevertheless should pay considerable attention that and it was beautiful and is not elaborate. Do not forget, your child will need to be shown in these things before friends therefore they have to be rather fashionable. Look through magazines, find optimum style together with the child then shopping will be fast and pleasant. That to footwear, girls often prefer to buy at once footwear on a heel. It is beautiful, nobody argues, however it is better to buy two obuvka in that case: shoes and usual flats that sometimes legs could have a rest.

It is important to sportswear to pay special attention. It has to be convenient to the maximum, not rub, fabric has to pass air, but not to be too easy. Quality of fabric plays a huge role here. In sportswear of the child fall, constantly jump, run so the torn sleeves or seams quite frequent phenomenon. In the future to save the forces and time buy only qualitative sportswear. It is desirable to carry sneakers approximately a month before school that the child did not ponatirat a leg in the first physical education classes.

School supplies

the Backpack has to be the most convenient. You should not save on it, low-quality backpacks often lead to development of scoliosis in children. It should not rub shoulders with straps, weight in the backpack has to be distributed evenly not to overload one of sides of a back of the child. Choose material strong, light tone vymazyvatsya quickly though look very beautifully, and dark serve much longer as on them spots and dirt are less noticeable. Surely check all locks for existence of marriages and breakages.

In advance find out at school that is necessary for the child from textbooks. School libraries can not always give what is required in the school program. Various new books, dictionaries, notebooks for laboratory, the atlas, contour maps and so on can become in September scarce in the market and in shops so it is worth seeing to it about it in advance.

Diaries, notebooks, handles and many other things it is better to buy with the child, so you will increase his interest in school, and it will be much more pleasant to it to use notebooks which he chose.


the First visit of school or already the fifth academic year, purchase of necessary accessories a little in this plan differs unless at the price. Earlier everything was much cheaper and to save it will be necessary to make every effort. So, for example, the order of notebooks and some other manuals or accessories on the Internet can be much cheaper, than in shops. But at the same time pay attention to delivery cost, it is frequent it above the desirable so it is better to order all necessary things in one Internet - shop and for once.