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How to transfer the apartment from residential real estate to object of commercial use?

Commercial (uninhabited) real estate differ from inhabited in the fact that it is used for the purpose of business and obtaining the income. Restaurants, shops, beauty shops, cafe, offices - all this belongs to real estate commercial. Respectively, and the rent of commercial real estate increases several times. For owners of housing it can be favorable, besides business - structures, businessmen get apartments on first floors, with a possibility of re-equipment under the office.

The object of commercial appointment will give the chance to the owner to get big benefit and stable profit. For this purpose the owner of residential real estate transfers it to commercial. It can be the apartment, part of the house or the private house. Those who get the apartment especially for office or shop undergo the same procedure of the transfer of housing to object of commercial appointment, process this difficult and expensive, but in this case the purpose justifies the made investments.

Translation process of real estate in commercial happens to a vein as follows.

First of all, it is worth consulting with the lawyer and the architect. The lawyer will help to settle all arising questions during renewal of residential real estate in uninhabited, for commercial use. The lawyer can also become your applicant, namely will prepare all necessary documentation and will submit the application for renewal to local municipal authority.

The architect issues the conclusion for re-equipment of this apartment under office, a drugstore or shop. However, not all rooms can be transferred under the law to commercial object, technical parameters of this room form the basis of such translation. And only in case all norms and characteristics are suitable for the translation, it is possible to convert the housing for further use for commercial purposes. Perhaps, it will be required to re-plan the apartment thoroughly, to demolish partitions, to make an exit to the street, then permission of the architect, and also owners of this room for this purpose will be required.

Special requirements of the transfer of housing to commercial real estate:

the house in which there is an object of the translation (apartment) should not go under demolition;

the room has to be property of the owner, with the corresponding registration;

the state housing or municipal property is not subject to transfer to commercial object;

the apartment should not be under arrest, pledge at bank or other commercial structure;

a housing arrangement on 1 - 2 floor;

possibility of re-planning of an exit to the street;

natural persons should not be registered in the apartment;

at re-planning of housing approval of owners of rooms is required.

Besides, at re-planning references from BTI, a sanepidemstantion and the Gospozharnadzor will be necessary. Further the homeowner has to declare desire to transfer the apartment to object of commercial appointment in local authorities. To be exact, to submit the application in writing to municipal authority. Also to enclose documents to the application:

the technical plan of the apartment, house with the detailed description;

if in the building it is more than one floor, then to put planning on each floor;

certificate of the property right to housing, original;

the reference from BTI on a condition of the house and its wear;

project documentation of re-planning of housing;

the reference from housing and communal services that nobody lives in the apartment;

registration certificate.

The executive structure considers the application about transfer of premises to commercial object within one and a half months, namely 45 days. Then issue to the applicant the document confirming that transfer of premises to commercial object took place upon if the commission approved this decision.

Perhaps, the executive body will not grant permission for re-equipment of housing - the house can be old or a monument of architecture that does not allow to transfer it to commercial real estate. To use real estate for commercial purposes the owner has an opportunity only in case the property right in Registration chamber was registered by .