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Installation and installation of complete kitchen

Any installation begins about design of the project, later we place the lower modules as it is specified on the project all drawers and facades from the lower modules of kitchen are removed. If it is kitchen angular - that installation always begins with a corner (at first angular modules are installed). Having exposed the lower modules, and having bolted them among themselves coupling, they need to be exposed “on level“, by means of adjustable support. Modules, taking into account all gaps (concerning walls and concerning a table-top) which are considered in the project are exposed.

After all lower modules are exposed, the table-top “is adjusted“ to them. When the table-top is adjusted and exposed, crash a sink with the cooking panel into it. Then the table-top is established on the lower modules fastens, face and connecting levels (if it is necessary) are established, the cut-out openings under the cooking panel and a sink are pressurized by silicone. Any even kitchens it kpodvergatsya to order to negative impact of fat, water splashes and other during cooking. The wall panel is often used (MDF, LDSP, the massif, glass, plastic), it is adjusted and fastens fixing bolts to a wall. When using such panels it is possible to choose any their coloring and a surface, but it is the best of all that it coincided with the general interior of kitchen. Sometimes on such panels LED tapes fix to create pleasant and sufficient illumination of a working table-top.

At first apply a marking on a surface of a wall, at the height of 60 cm from the level of a working surface of a table-top a horizontal line is drawn. At such distance the lower part of the top modules of lockers will settle down. Then to fasten the top part of modules on special fastenings by called (tire) it fastens to a wall, and fixture which established already top modules are called (eurocanopies), it is easy to regulate them and after there is no gap left between a wall and the top modules and between. The top modules are hung, adjusted “on level“, and pulled together among themselves with the same coupling bolts.

When the lower and top bases of complete kitchen are established, the plinth is established (on a table-top), the roof, eaves, balustrades, lamps, a plinth vacuum, the railing, are hung and regulated facades, and, generally, everything, the kitchen is established.

The factors influencing installation of kitchen.

- Quality of installation is influenced by such factors, design the project, curvature of walls and floors, bad accessories especially canopies on which the top modules keep.

- Floors have to be ready to installation differently, after installation of complete kitchen under support do not podlezt any more.

- The Working wall from ceramics has to be laid out if such is available, often I use the wall panel.

- All old furniture which is on the place of installation of kitchen has to be taken out from the room

- Indoors there have to be working sockets, for connection of tools.

- All built-in equipment has to be available (a sink, a cooking surface, an oven, an extract)

- Approximately, the whole day has to be allocated for installation of complete kitchen, at least.

- When all above-mentioned conditions are satisfied, the complete kitchen is delivered to an installation site.