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What writes “Kyyuriositi“ on a surface of Mars?

of “Kyyuriositi“ - the third mars rover of mission of NASA “Martian scientific laboratory“ - arrived to Mars on August 6, 2012. Its settlement service life - one Martian year, or nearly two terrestrial, 686 days - is already exceeded. To terrestrial measures the mars rover served more than 1000 days and nights, photographing a surface, selecting and analyzing tests of soil and transferring invaluable scientific information to Earth.

Having literally fallen down the Red planet in clubs of dust and a smoke of rocket engines, “Kyyuriositi“ began the slow way. Behind his “shoulders“ already more than 10 kilometers. Hundreds of kilograms of the scientific equipment bear on themselves six aluminum wheels diameter of half-meter and 40 cm wide everyone.

Mars treated invasion not too friendly. Apparently in pictures, strong aluminum skating rinks from gruntozatsepa are entirely speckled by dents and scratches, in the majority of them there are holes which left sharp Martian stones in aviation aluminum.

Forward wheels suffered before others, almost at once on arrival to Mars, then there came the turn of average couple, and only fodder skating rinks remained almost in perfect tune so far.

Specialists of NASA claim that holes - not the most terrible as gruntozatsepa did not suffer and even if “Kyyuriositi“ will lose two thirds of wheel surfaces, it all the same will be able to move. Nevertheless engineers of mission are concerned and try to find ways of decrease in wear, laying exact routes bypassing obstacles.

Engineers of JPL - Laboratories of jet propulsion of NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) were engaged in creation of wheels. They came to a conclusion that in a surface of rigid skating rinks there have to be openings which purposes - removal of sand which can get inside at turns.

Engineers suggested to cut out openings in the form of an abbreviation of their division from “patriotic“ feelings - JPL. However the management of NASA did not agree with manifestation of “backward patriotism“, it was necessary to develop openings of other form. As a result on wheels there was a drainage in the form of three strips from combinations of square and rectangular openings that satisfied the strict management.

That mean these strips, understood too late. Cunning engineers did not refuse an invention to immortalize a name of the scientific division and ciphered the letters JPL the Morse alphabet: J - a point three dashes, P - a point two dashes a point, L - a dash point two points. Them now also writes “Kyyuriositi“ with each turn of wheels on a surface of Mars.

By the way, holes in wheels of “Kyyuriositi“ - not the only problem of NASA which reason were Martian stones. “Thanks to“ them the space agency is involved in judicial proceedings.

Studying the pictures sent by the predecessor of “Kyyuriositi“ of “Opportyyuniti“ somebody Roun Joseph calling himself the astrobiologist paid attention that the stone which was present at one of pictures on another mysteriously disappeared.

According to NASA - the stone as a stone, is not better and it is not worse than million others. But Joseph considers strange disappearance as manifestation of vital activity. As writes Huffington Post, the American, having assumed that the stone can be the living being, submitted a legal claim on NASA to force agency carefully to study pictures with the “wandering“ subject.