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What it - to be “out of itself“?

shake the Fantastic thriller “Out of“ (Self/less) (2015) by execution, maintenance, acting and director`s skills. His creators have scientific and fantastic knowledge which allows the viewer to glance for human opportunities.

A fantasy, in general, a genre not for all. Because quite often its flight is similar to a fruit of the unhealthy imagination needing treatment.

But this statement does not belong to the movie “Out of“. It is the clever and logical fantastic thriller in which there is nothing false or superfluous. Fine work and the convincing final - eventually all expectations of clever mankind are aimed at preservation of each concrete life because it also is - immortality.

... The science surpassed itself - became possible to win against death by means of implantation of the consciousness in the young body created by method of genetic engineering or borrowed the one for whom it it is not absolutely necessary. The controversial statement, but performers of operation found ways of deprivation of people of their ph. Or rather, promote circumstances under which the person does not need a body any more. A task only in finding donors.

Operation on change - expensive is also made out of a legal framework. While becomes podpolno, it is available only to a limited circle of wealthy persons. According to its performers, in process of experience accumulation, it will be possible to pass to transparency. But for the present rather early.

The remote consequences of operation are not known, not enough knowledge is accumulated, a little executed operations. Foreign consciousness from a new organism is torn away so far, giving difficult hallucinations, pulling out the remote events from memory, creating a madness picture. The carrier of the implanted consciousness is forced to accept anti-psychotics without which specifically and primitively goes crazy. It on a short lead at laboratory as has to receive the vital preparations. Without them he will lose control over himself. Dictate to it where to live what to do and with whom to communicate.

“The gold cage“ is tempting, but the consciousness in the past lived in the person provided. You will not surprise with its prosperity. The businessman dying from cancer decides on procedure and has an opportunity of one more life in a young body. He learns criminal secret of the new body and undertakes to help a family of the person in whose body lives. It is not necessary for laboratory that he lived not under its laws. It can leave from - under control and to become uncontrollable. The bloody pursuit in which there are no rules begins.

Here undesirable collateral consequences of risky experiment - to consciousness not too comfortably in a new body are shown. New people are connected with the past because “bought not the new car, but a car with run“. “Run“ does not release the person in new life as is the tragedy and infinite melancholy of relatives.

Having solved an experiment riddle, the businessman returns others and destroys laboratory. Its researches need completion and judgment. Or the mankind is not ready to eternity so far, or the eternity is not ready to immortality of the person...