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Whether it is worth passing to separate training at schools?

the System of school education in any country has features. First of all, they concern a question: in common or separately to conduct training of heterosexual children? Selection of teachers depends on the answer. Educational process is as appropriate corrected. Vocational and psychological social guidance becomes more accurate.

In Russia a long time training went separately, and in 1919 entered coeducation. It held on till 1943 when again the education system was transferred to separate training. But in 1954 into the USSR finally passed to coeducation. However in a number of the countries separate remains. Such schools are in Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, America, in Africa, in Australia.

How training is constructed in them? What objects are obligatory? Than school students do in the spare time? Let`s address the concrete examples followed from foreign newspapers.

The English school “Dulwich College“ is near London. At this school boys are trained. It - the best in the country. In the program of training - English and several foreign languages. Also the economy is taught. Special emphasis is placed regarding “Business“. There are also objects studied in all countries: mathematics, chemistry, geography, history, biology, informatics … In case there is an essential tendency to any subject, it is possible to be engaged in addition according to the program of the higher school. Conditions for this purpose are - open classrooms work. In free time it is possible to visit the indoor pool, yachts - club, a tennis court, theater, various circles.

Now we will take an interest in the English school for girls of “Harrogate Ladie`s College“. It too among the best in the country. And still it among the oldest: it was founded in 1893. Along with the same objects, as in “Dulwich College“, girls study the subject “Design“. Occupations in a ballet school are obligatory. Train also in gymnastics. A practical training on housekeeping is conducted. Emphasis is put on training of girls for motherhood.

As we see, separate education allows to prepare younger generation for entry into adulthood more effectively. And it is very important as “growing“ at children occurs differently. And if with it not to be considered (not to see future man in the boy, and in the girl - future woman), then society will receive the infantile citizens not capable to solve problems. It is also observed often in Russia. Graduates of schools are lost at the first serious vital problems.

Of course, joint and separate training has both pluses, and minuses. Teachers say that coeducation does not allow to resolve many issues fully. For example, psychologically girls are ahead in the development of boys - peers by two - three years. What girls choose for friendship of boys not from among schoolmates, and from among those who are at least one few years more senior than them is explained by it. Certainly, it offends boys though there is no their fault in a situation any. In a class the “conflicting“ groups are created that strongly affects discipline.

In separate training one of essential minuses - “hothouse“ conditions for girls with high self-esteem. In a class there is nobody “to lower them on the earth“. But in general most of teachers incline to what separate training is more acceptable, than joint. Not incidentally to the USA 122 public schools transferred to a separate way of training. This process continues there.

In Russia there are hot discussions too about what system of training (joint or separate) is better taking into account modern requirements? From words passed to experiments. At school number 34 of the city of Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk region) last academic year there were first classes only for boys and only for girls. Now it is already the classes 2 “in“ and 2 “ä“. Three important indicators in comparison with classes where the combined training are received: good discipline at lessons; stronger knowledge and the increased desire at children to be trained. To the same results teachers and in other regions of Russia where too experiment was made came.

Nevertheless it is premature to say that again separate training will be entered. Demographic factor with rather low birth rate turned fullness of classes into a problem. Besides, the additional number of teachers will be required. There will be certain difficulties and with rooms.

And still the subject is not closed from - for it, the question is analyzed in the Ministry of Education of Russia. As the version of its decision, already now in a number of schools is parallel classes - separate for boys and separate for girls. In Moscow of such schools ten. Experience is generalized, even dissertations on gender (separate) training are defended.