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Dream and health. Why darkness is necessary for the person?

Centuries, in any case, the millennia people on our planet lived by quite simple rules: woke up at dawn, and with nightfall prepared for a dream. Daily work of our far ancestors and without labor legislation was, as a rule, limited daylight. From time immemorial the nature was the only regulator of activity of the person. What occurs today?

Today the benefits of a civilization pushed a nature role in our life the background. Universal lighting led to the fact that city nights davny - stopped being long ago dark in the true sense of the word. Light of streetlights and infinite signs of shops does not allow the cities and rural lands to plunge into darkness. Sometimes and it is possible to remember that there came night, having only looked at the star sky. And yes there is nothing to speak about illumination of houses, apartments. Generally, artificial light was strongly included into human life.

Undoubtedly, it is plus from application of artificial light a set, everyone can allocate for itself(himself) them. I suggest to stop not on pluses, and on minuses of which, unfortunately, too it is enough.

It is no secret that our organism - the difficult mechanism, and, whoever that told, very fragile. In it there are always various processes, beginning from cell renewal and finishing with production of hormones. If one of processes begins to fail, then there come negative consequences for all organism.

One of the important hormones produced by our organism is melatonin which serves as the regulator of daily rhythms, slows down aging processes, increases efficiency of functioning of immune system, participates in regulation of a blood pressure, functions of a digestive tract and work of cells of a brain. It is clear, that lack of this hormone in an organism or its insufficient quantity promises nothing good to the person.

The brain site called epifizy or shishkovidny gland is responsible for production of melatonin. Feature of activity of an epifiz is that it begins to produce melatonin only in the dark, and full. In this situation it is possible to call the person by a plant antipode. If to a plant the daylight for ensuring process of photosynthesis is vital, then, on the contrary, complete darkness is daily necessary for the person for production of melatonin.

It is worth remembering that the dim light from a streetlight or a billboard getting into the room, even light of the working TV break this process that strongly affects our health.

What happens to our health? the Lack of melatonin causes nervous breakdowns, fast fatigue, a sleep disorder, irritability, appetite loss, accelerates aging, and according to some, even leads to impotence.

A conclusion arises: to the person what level of development would not achieve our peace today, complete darkness is still necessary, and refusal of it is pernicious.

How it is possible to save the health? the Main recommendation follows from the above - always sleep in complete darkness . Being put to bed, close windows dense curtains and switch off all light sources indoors. Try to obtain approach of total darkness.

It is sure, then you will feel improvement of health and will become kinder to people around. Besides, you will be able to prevent emergence of a set of diseases, including oncological, and your life will be long. Do not give an excess reason to diseases to rise stealthily.

If all of you cannot observe the daily mode, for example from - for works, and you are disturbed by the above-stated symptoms, follows, having postponed all affairs, to visit policlinic. In case at inspection the lowered contents in an organism of melatonin is established and it will be the cause of your illnesses, but not something else, to you will write out the drugs containing melatonin.

As you can see, recommendations are simple as the alphabet, the main thing - them to adhere. In conclusion remains only to regret the people suffering from a niktofobiya - fear of darkness. Without application of drugs it will be difficult to them to fill the content of melatonin in an organism.

I wish all rest health, light days and dark nights! Take care!