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Why Petrozavodsk - the city green? Let`s remember dashing 90 - e

All, as usual, depends on people. And that they at us those that it is necessary I was convinced of gardening for a long time. In the early nineties business was. You remember how the ruble behaved when one famous politician who before all country swore and swore what on rails will lay down took and unfroze prices in free floating? If who forgot, so I - always please, I will remind.

Everything, as usual, depends on people. And that they at us those that it is necessary I was convinced of gardening for a long time.

In the early nineties business was. You remember how the ruble behaved when one famous politician who before all country swore and swore what on rails will lay down took and unfroze prices in free floating? If who forgot, - I will remind.

You drop after work into shop that to buy something for dinner, and you keep the morning prices in mind and as you will reach cash desk … It is good if all that at you in a purse lies, is enough not only for a loaf of bread. And till a lunch on the same money, besides bread, it was possible to buy a carton of milk and half a kilo of boiled sausage. And so - every single day.

Naturally, the people if was that, promptly converted, the salary rubles or in the Finnish brand, or in dollars. And that … If in rubles, so by a weekend from purchasing power of the ruble face value which remained invariable remained little. Though wooden it was necessary to leave some small stock in the family. Products could be bought only for rubles. But here on all the rest … The seller was guided only by bank notes of a foreign origin. And, respectively, on same focused also the buyer.

And it it was possible to understand. Here he will sell all that at it today on a counter, and in a weekend will go to the wholesale market. And there that? For rubles you will buy several times less from what you in a week sold. And then? In what sense of trade? From where to undertake a surplus value from which and itself, and a family to feed?.

Therefore dollars and brands promptly pressed ruble in a daily trade turnover. Naturally, this situation edge as did not suit the power. It emits the currency. Which has to, to be simply obliged in the address. And if not, then … We who such? The independent country or so, branch of those who print the same greens or here, directly near by or it is far over the ocean?

Here, the authorities also took measures. From time to time guys to a vmilitseysky form jumped on the ware market. And slightly what - is illegal! - confiscated currency from the seller, and the buyer has goods that it was acquired not for native rubles. Well, and the statement corresponding was drawn up. And sometimes and did without it. Valya supposedly from here, yet did not take you under ruchenk are white.

... I then worked at the enterprise which quite recently from state turned into joint-stock. And respectively, had to remove to the coast from this of chaotically storming ocean of new market economy. Without what help. Probably, including therefore money was not. The wages was paid out from time to time fish canned food, rice, eggs. And in shop you will not tell: “Give, I to you to bank of a cod in oil, and you to me - a loaf of bread and a bottle of kefir“. That a family to feed, money was necessary. If not dollars, then rubles.

I also cooperated with palsy-walsy who at that time time almost all already became businessmen. You will give someone on realization of canned food, you will meet someone with goods at the station, you will bring to the market, you will help to unload and you will receive some kopek for it.

Here and that time. Met someone from friends at the station with goods, brought it on the market, began to unload. And so, between times, I look on the parties. I look, at the next tray - the heat of process of purchase and sale. Such memorable, dimensional aunt from what at full tilt quietly stops a horse, and a bull - the producer with one blow knocks down, with enthusiasm so bargains apropos shi - a caviar Turkish sweater. Perhaps who remembers, was such - shaggy as poodles. Here - here … To such aunt also attracted. And the razmerchik under it at the shop assistant, strangely enough, is available. Here they each other also convince - and it can cost a skok. One, respectively, insists on the validity of that figure that it is more, another, in chagrin of the first, assures the interlocutor that is considerable … It is much less!

I and half-cars did not manage to perekidat on a counter as their different-sized initial all - met in one point. Also they agreed. On fifty green, with a portrait 18 - go the U.S. President, Willis Grant, on an obverse.

The aunt - and without points it is visible! - all suffered much. It is a pity for it for this piece of paper … Nearly to got down! But … There is a strong wish! It likes a sweater. Strongly - it is strong. And it is not going to leave from a counter without purchase. Respectively, gets a purse and, having rummaged in it is mute some time, gets from its unknown depths rather the jammed piece of paper of production of the Federal Reserve System of those United States. And besides, it is visible … With the naked eye it is visible - only it at the aunt a piece of paper. It has no more dollars. And there are no cents too.

And here only … Only goods and money vozvratno - progressively remove from one hands to others as here - bang! And directly, as lines from a snuffbox, between the aunt and a counter jumps out … Cop! I would even tell not the cop. Mentenysh. Such puny, small. Meter with a cap. And very young - very young. At once it is visible - from newly made. The form even did not manage to be pressed down.

This mentenysh is enough pink dream of all aunty`s life which it with inexpressible expression of happiness on a face already presses to most to heart, and - illegal currency transaction! - pulls an ill-fated sweater to itself. The same, without understanding anything yet, does not release from itself just acquired: “People kind and what it detsya?“ But the cop, self-assured, in the imperious force, both pulled a sweater to himself, and pulls. Persistently, persistently.

And here reaches the aunt … Reaches that now - here - here! - her shaggy Turkish dream and hope for female happiness, will select. In broad daylight will confiscate to devils dog! And as soon as she understands it … I had such impression that someone suddenly unexpectedly on all power included a siren of an air-raid warning.

As soon as poobvykla ears also became capable to accept this detsibelovy blow, there was an opportunity to learn - about what it is the aunt so emotionally. Though there was nothing to understand, generally. Such masterly solo execution as regards a solid Russian mat to me it is rare when it was necessary to hear. But it … only the first part of the marlezonsky ballet was

It. Practically at once it was followed by the second. With shout: “Yes I for these fifty dollars in native gardening“, - the aunt from everything to scope press the, very much even a fist, decent by the size, to a mentenysh directly in an ear. And that … Having received a solid portion of negatively charged kinetic energy flies away from the scene of meters on five aside - seven. It is not less. And here its peak-cap … Probably, it process of power transfer did not concern

. And it … So, slowly planning, in the face of all amazed public that incidentally it appeared exactly here and now, falls by that place where - here just! - there was an authority. And until the people it is captivated looked behind it freely - the soaring falling, the aunt (and from where only the speed undertook at such - that dimensions?!) hands in legs and - to the course. To the course!

Generally when mentenysh rose, shook off, lifted the brand new peak-cap from asphalt, aunts and the trace caught a cold.

And I, am remembered, looking at the cops` ear which is poured lividity, then and thought … Like what is clear now why we have such green city. If all gardeners handle a rake and shovels as this aunt hit to a mentenysh on an ear - nothing surprising! They will plant trees and shrubs and will paint everything in different colors. Anything! From a physiognomy to the central city square.