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Silk oaklet - grevilleya. How to grow up this exotic? What

only of exotic plants is not available for sale today! From them it is distinguished with the smart, openwork, silky leaves grevilleya. And if it also blossoms, then will win the hearts of the most experienced flower growers.

It is simple to grow up grevilleyu, but it is better to bring her if you have enough scope in the apartment, in five years it can reach a ceiling. However, there are also undersized types, but we have them a rarity so far.

The beauty grevilleya, dressed up in silks, arrived to our regions from Australia. She is spoiled by attention though by the nature it is rather unpretentious therefore it is necessary to settle a chuzhestranka in the spacious room.

Rod Grevilleya comes from Proteynye`s family and is widespread in rainforests of Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia. In a sort there are more than 250 types. Rod is for the first time described at the beginning of the 19th century, called in honor of the English botanist Charles Grevill.

Among plants of this sort there are creeping bushes which rise over the earth not above a half a meter, and the trees reaching height of 35 - 40 meters.

In flowers of some types there is a lot of sweet nectar, their locals ate. Today wood of a grevillea is appreciated in many countries as raw materials for production of plywood.

In tropical zones of the whole world as an ornamental plant powerful enjoys popularity grevilleya. This large tree with big lacy leaves in the homeland, in Australia, is called a silk oak. Leaves are rassechyonny, to 20 cm, from above dark-green, from below are covered with the silvery hairs giving them silkiness. Young escapes, pedicels and an ovary are also trimmed.

Thanks to the original red flowers collected in clustery inflorescences during blossoming the tree takes an extravagant form. There are versions with pink, yellow, dairy - white flowers. Openwork, bright flowers are so unusual that they steadily draw attention of people.

In midlatitudes grevilleyu with success grow up in greenhouses, winter gardens, in household and premises. In room conditions it is most widespread grevilleya powerful, reaching three - four meters in height. Its main advantage, paporotnikoobrazny gentle leaves, grow coarse with age therefore it is recommended to cut off strongly plants and to prishchipyvat to stimulate growth of new escapes and leaves.

Grevilley easily breeds seeds. However it is necessary to know that if seeds stale, they can not ascend. Seedlings develop quickly, in the first year grow to 30 - 40 cm, and at five-year age the plant can already rest against a ceiling.

For landing it is possible to use universal soil mix for decorative houseplants. During growth it is regularly necessary to water, without allowing both a peresushivaniye of an earth lump, and stagnation of moisture - it can do much harm to young escapes. It is periodically desirable to spray leaves. During the winter period to water moderately and to contain at the lowered temperature, it is not lower than 8 - 10 degrees.

Grevilley is ill seldom though cherveets and web pincers can attack the weakened plants.

One lack of a grevillea powerful - in room conditions does not blossom. But, as experts recommend if on it to impart branches of a grevillea of Johnson, then will annually blossom. Again “but“ - grevilleya Johnson seldom meets in room floriculture.