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Where to cause spirits that the smell kept longer?

can be Applied spirits not only on “standard“ places like a wrist or area of a decollete, but also more exotic ways - for example, on a navel. How still it is possible to prolong smell life?

Before speaking about places of putting perfume, it is worth mentioning the main principle connected with extension of its smell. It is very important to apply spirits on rather moist skin . On properly the humidified integument smells remain longer, and here from a dry surface disappear much quicker.

Cause with traditional “national“ places on which is more often than the others favourite aroma, wrists, area of a decollete and clothes are. Against the first two cases experts have nothing. But, according to their recommendations, we resolutely have to avoid spraying by spirits of any parts of clothes. Fabrics from - for it can be damaged or change color, and such effect is definitely not necessary to us! Besides, smells do not linger on clothes too for a long time and moreover - often change for the worse, become more unpleasant (as it happens in a case to bellows). In other words, perfume of clothes it is better to forget about a sprinkling. But in what places then it is the best of all to cause spirits that the smell kept longer?


Putting perfume directly on hair - not the most brilliant idea. From - for high content of alcohol in such means our locks can be overdried. However hair very well hold smells therefore a sin not to use this their feature. Not to do much harm to a head of hear, we will resort to the help of a hairbrush. It is enough to sprinkle of it the favourite aroma, to wait minute, and then to carefully comb hair.

Behind ears

As well as wrists, area for and under ears is one of the best places for causing aroma. Because this so-called the pulsing places where veins are very close to skin, and that, in turn, especially warm that too well influences aroma distribution. Causing spirits behind ears is a fine alternative to spraying of area of a decollete when we put on jewelry (they very often are not on friendly terms with perfume).

the Internal bend of an elbow

Is one more pulsing place and one more good alternative to a wrist. Especially in cases when you carry bracelets or hours.

To reach the best effect, it is necessary to moisten for a start properly skin in the place of a bend and only then to apply perfume.


Navel and spirits … Such combination seems to you doubtful? Between actively in everyday life the famous actress Liv Tyler uses that this method. At first it greases with spirits in the form of cream a wrist and bends of elbows, and then skin around a navel. She said in one interview that use this checked way in her family from generation to generation. the Waist and hips Spraying by favourite aroma of a lower back recommends


the journalist, the famous expert in the field of smells Chandler Bor. According to him, it does aroma to thinner, but at the same time incredibly resistant. As the expert explains, aroma should not go “before us“, and unite with our body thanks to what other people will perceive it as our natural smell. Such effect putting perfume in a waist allows to reach, top of hips.

Under knees

Is one more reception from experts in the field of perfume. It is based on the principle according to which the smell rises from below up. Therefore it is worth taking care of drawing a pleasant smell and on a lower body. One more pulsing place - under knees (from the inside) will become the ideal decision in that case.

All these simple methods of drawing will help you and surrounding to enjoy pleasant smells of perfume longer.